Once I Was An Accountant…

Once I Was An Accountant…

Our playroom project is just about complete — hooray! In the meantime, I bring you this post in order to help us get better acquainted!

When I went to college, I originally decided I wanted to major in business, not quite sure what, but I knew that was the general direction I wanted to take. After a year in, I, like most young college students, changed my mind and switched my major to elementary education. I had always loved working with kids, and found that I had a passion for helping them learn. After a couple of semesters pursuing my teaching degree, I was put into a classroom situation. I shadowed a teacher, who just happened to have been my second grade teacher, for three weeks. At the end of that time, I realized that as much as I loved kids and being around them, teaching 20-some of them at a time, was just not for me.

I fell back to square one and went back to my business degree. That fall, I took an introductory accounting class and I surprisingly loved it! I felt like this was where I was supposed to be. I pursued my career in accounting to completion and took my first job at a public accounting firm, straight out of school. One thing I really appreciated about going to a large state college, is that I had resources everywhere to help me find a job. The way the accounting program worked, I had the opportunity to interview for jobs the fall before I graduated. The absolute best part about this, you ask? I had job offers that fall and was able to decide and solidify where I would be working the following year upon graduation. Talk about relieving some pressure!

I started the following fall at this firm, specializing in auditing – municipal government auditing, to be exact. I audited municipalities (cities, villages, towns), utilities, universities, and school districts. Not surprisingly, I really enjoyed auditing school districts the most as it was easier to enjoy something I had a passion for! I obtained my CPA license during my first two years of working, as well. I worked full-time (and seemingly then-some, if you know what public accounting is like!) for five years, before I had Madalyn and made the tough decision to stay home with her.

I am often asked how I could major in something like elementary education and then switch to something so different like accounting. I actually think that they have many similarities — for example, both involve working with people (adults or children), both require organization skills and interpersonal skills, and both are career choices that require time management and a great deal of commitment. While I ultimately chose the accounting path, I am thrilled that I now get to employ the other side of things in getting to stay home with my little princess.

It was really difficult to decide what I should major in while in school. I prayed and prayed that God would help me figure out where I should be! What’s so awesome about all of this is that while I wasn’t always sure I made the right choice, God has shown me now that He really did have a plan! He orchestrated my life so that I have the opportunity to be home with my daughter — something I’m so thankful for, as I realize it is not an option for everyone! Every time I doubt myself and where I should be headed, I can remember that Someone has a plan — and as always, His plan always works out better than my own!



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