Conversation Heart Cookies

Conversation Heart Cookies


I had no formal plans for Valentine’s Day this year, so I decided that I was going to make a special dessert to celebrate. I frequently follow the Brown Eyed Baker blog ( for recipe ideas, and I found a recipe I was actually brave enough to try! If you want to be brave like me, you can find the link and instructions for this recipe here.

I had never attempted, nor really heard of, royal icing before. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge! Luckily I had the help of my sister to get these cookies finished and I am so thankful to have had another person baking with me! For your visual enjoyment, we took some pictures along the way.

Here are the heart cut-outs before we put them in the oven:


This is what our cookies looked like before being iced. My sister taste-tested them and approved!



Here is my sister outlining a cookie, using a #3 tip:


Below is what the cookies looked like when we were flooding them with the icing:



And now the fun of adding the cute and silly words:


While taking on this project, there were a couple of things I found out along the way, that I think are useful to note:

  • My sister and I wanted to have lots of cookies to share, so we doubled the recipe found on the blog. For the icing, we used 1.5 times the recipe, and that seemed to cover the cookies well.
  • I didn’t spend a lot of time making sure the icing was evenly split between the four colors I wanted to use. Therefore, we ended up with two much yellow icing and not enough blue icing to make the number of cookies that we had outlined already by those colors. Next time, I would be more careful in making sure the icing was a little more evenly split.
  • I only purchased two #3 tips to do the outlining for the icing. I used two #2 tips for the other two colors. I would have rather used the #3 tips for all of the colors, because it really did make the best outline.
  • I used gel to do the writing and I found that the gel did not harden on the cookies. If I made these again, I would have made more icing in red and used that with a #1 tip to the writing. It would have hardened better and ultimately would have made for nicer looking cookies after they had been packaged.

But, to sum it up: These cookies were DELICIOUS. I shared some with family and friends, and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. Plus, they were so fun to make! The cookies held their shape and stayed soft, and the icing was the perfect texture and sweetness. If you find yourself looking for something fun to make (and eat!) for Valentine’s Day next year, I definitely think you should try these out…you won’t be disappointed!



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