Playroom Project: Part Three

Playroom Project: Part Three

I did not know one thing about upholstery when we began this project. But, I knew that I wanted a cushion on top of the bench that would prevent Madalyn from hitting her head, and would provide comfortable seating for adults, and Madalyn (once she’s a bit older).

Here’s a picture of the benches, with the completed cushion:


And, how did we create the cushion? Here’s how:

1. To start, I had to pick a color for the room. We currently have a little girl, so my first instinct was to go with pink (you can never have enough pink!). As I thought about it more, I realized that because this room was such a main room in the house, I would rather have a more neutral color. Also, we may not be done having kids, so if we had a boy, I don’t think he’d be too fond of pink cushions. I decided that a turquoise-blue would be a perfect fit.

2. After we determined the color, I needed to find a fabric. I chose an Indoor/Outdoor fabric from The exact pattern I purchased, is not currently on the site, but the brand I purchased was Richloom and I bought four yards to cover three bench cushions. The fact that the fabric is suitable for outdoors, meant that it would hold up in a room meant for play and that was very important to me. Since having the fabric, I can testify to the fact that it is durable and easy to clean.


3. I ironed the fabric before cutting it down to the sizes that we needed.


4. We cut the fabric down to size, leaving about 5 inches on each of the sides in order to cover all of the material and create neat-looking ends.



5. The interior of the cushion is made up of three parts: 3/4″ MDF board, 2″ foam, and batting.


6. To adhere the fabric, we used a standard staple gun. We folded and pulled the fabric up and around the MDF board as tight as we could and then stapled it down, putting staples about every 3-4 inches. We used the fabric pattern to help us keep the fabric straight.


7. One of the trickier parts of the project for us, was stapling the corners in a neat fashion. After some trial and error, here is what we found to work the best:

IMG_3106 IMG_3110

To see how the benches were made for this cushion, go here.

Here’s an update on our progress:

  1. Determine location of playroom. (Done!)
  2. Choose storage for toys. (Done!)
  3. Develop a plan for seating — for both adults & kiddos. (Done!)
  4. Decide on a decorating theme and color. (Started!)
  5. Change the light fixture in the room to something more inviting.

Part Four will bring you photos of the completed room!




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10 thoughts on “Playroom Project: Part Three

    1. You can find the foam at a craft store, like JoAnn Fabrics. It was fairly pricey when I bought it, but I know the price can vary. Your best bet is to check around at your local craft stores. Hope that helps!

  1. What a neat job you did and thanks for the tuitorial. Never seen a pair of scissors that large; are they special or electric or battery operated?

  2. Do you have any information for the dimensions of the materials you used? How much fabric is needed? How much batting and foam?

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