Playroom Project: Part Four

Playroom Project: Part Four

I’m finally ready to reveal our finished playroom! Before I show you a picture of the completed room, I thought I would talk about the decor of the room.


  • Lighting: As you know, this was one of our main goals in updating this room. We found the perfect light for this room at Ikea. It’s a pendant light and it replaced the plain and boring one we used to have in this room. One of the absolute coolest things about this light is that at night, it reflects the shapes on the wall and carpet — which Madalyn is still intrigued with every time we turn it on. I didn’t want lamps with cords that Maddy could pull on. She is crawling now and getting into everything. The less cords we have out, the better, so the pendant lamp achieved that goal! I love how perfectly the light fits the room and gives it a youthful look while still fitting in the rest of our home.


  • Shelving: I think Hobby Lobby is one of the greatest stores ever created. Granted, you must have some time to wander around the store to really find the best deals and items, but it’s so worth it. Everything is reasonably priced (especially if you get their coupons), and I’ve had a lot of luck finding items for various parts of our home that really fit our style. I found these cube shelves on clearance at Hobby Lobby and knew they would fit into the playroom perfectly — and they have! I am still on the hunt for a clock that I like better (this one ticks really loudly!), but for now it works! Note: The wooden letters spelling “PLAY” are also from Hobby Lobby.


  • Picture: Again, this was a Hobby Lobby find, on clearance. I loved the youthfulness of the picture and it matched the blue of the fabric on the cushions wonderfully.


  • Pillows: The orange pillows were from Ikea. They were inexpensive, but still looked nice which made them perfect for this room, as I can imagine they will get played with and drooled on a lot!


  • Rug: The rug was also a find from Ikea, and works great in this room. It’s easy to clean and it matches the blue color I chose just perfectly.

Note: I thought about adding curtains to the room, but given Maddy’s current stage of curiosity, decided against it. I’m more of a simple decorator. The less things out to dust, the better! 🙂

So, are you ready to see the finished room?

IMG_3562 IMG_3572


We are really happy with how this room turned out. I really love how much room there is on the floor for Madalyn to play. Looking at it side-by-side to what it looked like before, it seems like a whole new place. On a side note, the little black blob on the rug in the night picture, is one of our little kitties – Calvin. He has made himself quite at home in the new room!

IMG_2802 IMG_3562

A final update on our goals:

  1. Determine location of playroom. (Done!)
  2. Choose storage for toys. (Done!)
  3. Develop a plan for seating — for both adults & kiddos. (Done!)
  4. Decide on a decorating theme and color. (Done!)
  5. Change the light fixture in the room to something more inviting. (Done!)

I’d say we could call our first home project a success! What do you think?




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14 thoughts on “Playroom Project: Part Four

  1. I love this! I’m looking around for a solution to the corner of a bench like this. In one of your pictures, you show the finished benches, without the cushions on them and the corner is empty. But the finished pics with the cushions show that the corner is now filled in. How did you go about this? I would truly appreciate some advice on this! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi! That is a really good question and something I should have put in as part of our process! So, I went back and updated Playroom Project: Part Two. You will see at the end of the post there are some pictures of the corner support that we built. Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

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