Office: New Desk!

Office: New Desk!

I love our house, I really do. We have lived in our house for about 2.5 years, and I feel like I finally am getting around to organizing and decorating a lot of it! Before we had Madalyn, I spent a lot of time working and was gone from home a lot. Now that my job is staying home with Maddy, I am excited to be able to make our house into our “home.” We successfully tackled the playroom and we have now started making the office into something more cozy. (Note: Our plan for this room is temporary. If we decide to have any future children, this room will be a bedroom for that child. In the mean time, we want to make it something that we can better use as an office. Therefore, I have decided against painting and doing anything with the window treatments, as this room may not be a permanent office!)

This is what our office looked like when we first moved into our house. I don’t have any better pictures of the room as a whole, so I apologize for that!

IMG_3926 IMG_3927

One of the things I love about this room, is the amount of light it has.

We had a very basic desk, with little storage, and we used the cube storage to hold pretty much everything. When we made the trip to Ikea a few weeks ago, I had my eye on a white desk there that I thought would work perfectly in our office. Not only would it brighten up the room, being white, but it would provide us with more useful storage. As luck would have it, an office foreclosed nearby my husband’s office, and all of their furniture was up for sale. They had the white desk we wanted and it was in pretty great condition and priced so much less than a brand new one! They had even purchased two of the doors and four of the drawers already, so we had those included as well.

I’ll show you the finished desk once our office is complete, but here is a picture from the Ikea website (it’s the Expedit workstation):


I’m so excited to have found this new desk because it will brighten up the room, be more functional and it was such a great price!

To go along with the desk, we purchased dining table chairs (comfy and more cute than traditional office chairs) from Target online (also on sale!):

14133885_120927163000These chairs fit the white desk like they were made for it, and the wood on the legs matches the filing cabinet we have in the room. We determined that two chairs would be great for this desk as it allows both me and Bryan to sit at the desk and work on opposite sides (another great advantage to this desk design!). We are aware that these chairs won’t provide as much support as a chair made for a desk, but because the amount of time we spend sitting in the office is minimal, it won’t make much of a difference to us.

My goals for this room are:

  1. Find a new desk with better storage (Done!)
  2. Craft organization
  3. Instruction manual organization
  4. Decor (i.e. create my own canvas photos)
  5. Obtain a calendar that can fit our busy schedules




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