Office: Craft Storage

Office: Craft Storage

Since becoming a SAHM, I have been trying to be more creative. I’ve always been a creative person, but have not always had an outlet for my creativity. Looking back at my childhood, I was the oldest sister who always came up with these creative ideas for me and my sisters to play — “mountain climbing” up the stairs or “diving lessons” by jumping off of a bench. Just ask them — we never ran out of things to do!

When I started working as an accountant, my life seemed to lean more towards the practical side of things. There aren’t too many ways to really be creative during an audit (haha!). Since my creativity has picked back up, I’ve started to acquire more crafty items. This means that my current system of craft storage needs to be revamped.


We are in the process of re-doing our laundry room, and one of the things that we are moving out of that room, is a tall, white, storage cabinet. This cabinet has moved around our home to fit several different purposes and it has so much room! When we decided that we wouldn’t need it in the laundry room anymore, I thought it would be a perfect storage cabinet for the office, without taking up too much room. (Note: This cabinet was from Home Depot.)


I had several storage bin options to hold my crafting supplies and stationary (the two main things I wanted to get into this cabinet), but none of them seemed to fit the cabinet well. While on a trip to Costco, I found these bins:


Not only were they a great deal ($16.99 for five of them), but they were pretty much made to fit this cabinet.

IMG_4141 IMG_4133IMG_4136

I was able to fit everything into them and we still have room in the cabinet to spare. I love how this turned out — I can easily access everything I need and it all has a neat, labeled spot to be stored. The cabinet is also right next to our workstation, which makes it so convenient. Success! 🙂

Update on my goals:

  1. Find a new desk with better storage (Done!)
  2. Craft organization (Done!)
  3. Instruction manual organization
  4. Decor (i.e. create my own canvas photos)
  5. Obtain a calendar that can fit our busy schedules

P.S. I’ve been working on creating my own canvas photos and I can not wait to blog about them — they are turning out SO great!




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