Office: DIY Canvas Photos

Office: DIY Canvas Photos

To put the finishing touches on our new office setup, I wanted to add some personal family photos to the room. I was hoping to do something a little more original than just picture frames. I had seen the idea of making your own canvas photos on Pinterest and I wondered if: 1) Would it actually work and look somewhat like a professional photo? and 2) Would it actually be more cost-effective to make it myself? The answer to both of these question was, yes!


The pictures look great! The depth of the pictures is smaller than the ones we have purchased in the past, but other than that I don’t notice much of a difference. They were definitely less expensive. I purchased canvas packs from Hobby Lobby. The 11×14 size was $5.99 for two and the 16×20 size was $7.99 for two. I paid $11.99 for a 11×14 print from Shutterfly and $16.99 for each of the 16×20 prints, also from Shutterfly.

Do you want to try to make one yourself? Here’s what you will need to know:


You will need canvases, photos, Mod Podge, and black acrylic paint. You may also want an exacto knife, or craft knife to trim the edges of the pictures.

(1) Paint the edges of the picture. Make sure you overlap a little onto the front of the canvas. You don’t want the white of the canvas to show through on the edges. I then let mine dry overnight to ensure that they were completely dry.

(2) Cover the entire front of the canvas with Mod Podge, paying particular attention to the sides and corners.


(3) Place your picture, as centered as possible, onto the canvas.

(4) Press the canvas (from the back) down onto the picture to help it adhere to the Mod Podge. You could do this from the front side of the canvas, as well, but I was trying to avoid fingerprints, so I found it easier to place the canvas face down, once the picture was in place, and then use my hand on the back side to help it adhere.


(5) As you can see in the above picture, some of the edges hang over a little bit. You can trim these off to make the picture even with the canvas.

That’s it! So easy. I made all three of my canvas photos in less than an hour, and for a fraction of the cost of buying one.


Do you love them as much as I do? They have added such a comfort to our office and made it somewhere I really enjoy working!


Like the photography? The pictures shown here were taken by Emily Ebeling of Ebeling Art Studio ( and Lindsay Carr of CARRstudios (

We are pretty much done with the office for now, and my next post will show you the finished product!

  1. Find a new desk with better storage (Done!)
  2. Craft organization (Done!)
  3. Instruction manual organization (Done!)
  4. Decor (i.e. create my own canvas photos) (Done!)
  5. Obtain a calendar that can fit our busy schedules (Done!)




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