Office: Complete!

Office: Complete!

We have been busy! I apologize for the late post on the office, but I can happily report that it is done! With the exception of painting and window treatments (see my first post here as to why we skipped those things for now!), I am really happy about how everything turned out!

Ready to see the finished product?

IMG_4278 IMG_4293

Details on the decorating:

IMG_4277 IMG_4276

I love these flowers! I was looking for something bright to cheer up the room a bit, as everything else was themed in the white, black and grey categories. The vases were from Hobby Lobby and Michaels ($1.50-$2.99 each), and the flowers were also from Michaels ($1.00 each).


To also bring in some color, I found this pillow at TJMaxx, which really added a pop of yellow. We already had the green chair, which was purchased from World Market.

IMG_4275 IMG_4274

I found these quotes at TJMaxx as well. They were a great deal, at $12.99 each. They tie in well with the black & white canvas photos (visit here to see how we made the canvas photos) and they are motivating!


I LOVE this mirror. I was stumped on what I wanted to put over the filing cabinet, since I already had picked out pictures and quotes for the other walls, so when I saw this mirror at TJMaxx I knew it was the right choice! It fits in perfectly, and I love that when I walk by the room I can see the cheerful flowers in the reflection!

I am really pleased with how this room turned out! Not only is everything more organized (view my re-organized craft storage here), but it is brighter and feels more open than it did before!


IMG_3926 IMG_3927


IMG_4293 IMG_4278

The best part about this whole project is that you can really see such a big difference, and yet I was able to create the new atmosphere on a reasonable budget. Maybe I’ll actually look forward to paying bills now when I have such a lovely space to work in…just maybe! 🙂

Final Update:

  1. Find a new desk with better storage (Done!)
  2. Craft organization (Done!)
  3. Instruction manual organization (Done!)
  4. Decor (i.e. create my own canvas photos) (Done!)
  5. Obtain a calendar that can fit our busy schedules (Done!)




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