Laundry Room: Complete!

Laundry Room: Complete!

As promised, I have pictures of the laundry room! First, a reminder of what the room used to look like:



Definitely not the most efficient use of this space, which is why we created this new, and improved laundry space:







  • Rug: TJMaxx ($20)

I love this rug. I knew that I wanted something white to brighten up the room and this rug was the perfect color, texture, and price. We have been using it for about a month, and it’s held up well to the frequent traffic in the laundry room!

  • Hamper: World Market ($30 — purchased during a great sale)

I hadn’t been shopping for a hamper in a couple of years, but I was shocked at how expensive they are! I really wanted a hamper in this room to throw things like towels (that are dry!) or rags that I wasn’t going to wash right away, but also didn’t belong in our bedroom hamper, however I did not want to spend $60 plus for a new one. Luckily, I found this hamper (the last one, on the highest shelf!) at World Market, and it was also on sale along with all of their other hampers. I was sold! Before I had a hamper, these things would just get tossed on top of the washer or dryer and sit there until I washed them. This keeps them organized and out of sight!

  • Hooks: Hobby Lobby ($5 each — 50% off of their full price)

Originally, I envisioned putting some sort of picture or artwork on the blank wall of this room. I was shopping at Hobby Lobby one day and saw these hooks on sale. They caught my eye because they matched the color of the room so well! They also have little gems on parts of the design, which tie in with the gems on the chandelier. Perfect! I have been using them to hang things that aren’t dry (either before or after being washed). Not only do they provide a pop of color and decoration to the room, but they serve a purpose too!

My husband and I decided that cabinets would be such a great addition to the room. They look small, but they fit everything I need for doing laundry on just one side. On the other side, I was able to store all of my cleaning supplies, which is so much handier than storing them under the sink. It also keeps them even further out of reach from little Madalyn, which is a bonus. These also worked well so I could still have a hanging bar in between to hang shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts/dresses while drying or while waiting to be ironed.

I was adamant about the idea of having somewhere to fold laundry. The countertop was the perfect, inexpensive solution. My husband and father-in-law installed it using wood on the sides so that it rests on the wood, instead of the actual washer and dryer. I love that I am able to pull laundry out of the dryer and fold it right away.

We have been partial to Benjamin Moore paint in our home. I chose this color (Denali Waters) because I wanted something blue that would be bright, but not overly bright. It fits the room really well and I’m very happy we chose the color that we did!

I can’t say enough how much of an improvement this room is. My vision started out small, but grew as we began to really figure out what would work for us in this room. We were able to re-do this room on a reasonable budget (thanks to some sale shopping, good deals, and hard work ourselves) and I could not be happier with the finished product!

What do you think?






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6 thoughts on “Laundry Room: Complete!

  1. Looks great Abby! You have such a great eye for this! If you run out of rooms at your house, mine is a blank canvas and open for help! Do you have a wash sink in your laundry room? Didn’t see one in the pictures.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I really enjoy these projects! 🙂 We do not have a sink in our laundry room, but I wish we did!! We just don’t have the room. But in my dream home, I would definitely incorporate a sink!

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