Simple Idea: Verse of the Week Chalkboard

Simple Idea: Verse of the Week Chalkboard


If you know me at all, you know that I love Jesus and that He is a big part of my life! I have been looking for ways to incorporate Bible verses into our everyday lives. As Madalyn gets older, I want her to know the love that we have for Jesus and I hope our enthusiasm rubs off on her!

I was at Marshalls a couple of months ago, and I saw a basic, simple chalkboard. I originally purchased it for our kitchen to write to-do lists, a menu or other odds and ends. I decided that, instead, a better use for this would be for a Bible verse! I hung the chalkboard in the kitchen where it’s very visible for me and anyone who may be eating with us. I love the constant reminder and encouragement that this chalkboard has added to my life. Life is busy, and especially more so now that we have a baby girl getting into absolutely everything! I love the reminder that I get when I see the verse of the week — Jesus is the most important thing and I should never get too busy to remember that!

Now, I will admit, I have not been great at changing the verse each week…so sometimes this becomes a verse of the week and a half 🙂

Anyone else have great ideas to make sure you are incorporating Jesus into your everyday life and home?





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