Organization: Photos

Organization: Photos

The weather has been so beautiful and I have to admit, my blogging has been slacking because of it! I’ve got lots of ideas still, but I have not been so great at sitting down and writing about them! I’m sure you can understand. 🙂 We have been doing lots of playing outside lately…and Maddy is LOVING it (okay, I am too!)!


When Maddy was a newborn, I took upon a huge project: organizing all of our photos. I did this both with hard copies of photos and with electronically stored photos. I won’t bore you with the details of how I organized the electronic photos (I organized them all in folders by year, and then by date and event — it took forever), but I do want to show you what I did with the hard copies, because I had been searching for a good solution for photo storage for a long time.

All of my pictures were in a large Rubbermaid bin filled with about six or seven huge binders. Each of these contained a ton of pictures. I started by taking all of the pictures out of the binders (I had to pick off all of the tape off the back too, which was tedious!), and started sorting through them all. I’m an organized person, so they were all at least in chronological order to begin with. I threw away pictures that were duplicates or that I no longer needed, which gave me a good starting point for what I needed to store.

This is the photo box, I chose to use:


Introducing the IRIS large photo keeper, the perfect solution for photo organization. (To purchase this photo keeper, click here.) The particular ones I bought were a set of two cases with free shipping. You can purchase them one at a time, but it was less expensive to get two at a time. Each box holds up to 1,200 4×6 photos and they can be separated into 12 cases. Even with all the pictures I got rid of, I still filled one and a half of these right up.


I love that each of these cases has 12 separate cases inside. I separated all of my photos by category/year, depending on the amount of pictures, and just threw a label on the front of each case. It’s so easy to find pictures using these! These boxes are also a huge space saver. They fit stacked on a shelf, instead of taking up a whole bin!


Another bonus to this storage solution is that each box has a nice carrying handle so they are easy to tote around if you need to.


I was hesitant to store photos this way because I liked the ease of an album for viewing everything, but I realized that I hardly ever pull out the albums. With all of the electronic pictures and storage now, too, I knew that I would probably even be printing less hard copies of pictures going forward. (Note: I do have my computer backing up regularly to an external hard drive so I don’t lose any of our pictures!)

I’m excited to pull these boxes out for Madalyn one day and show her mommy and daddy before she was born!


Let me know if you try these boxes out and what you think!



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