Turning One: Growing Month-by-Month

Turning One: Growing Month-by-Month

Everyone tells you that the first year of having a baby goes by quickly. Now having lived through that first year, I can attest to that being more than true! It flew by. Every minute of it! I had the idea to take a picture of Madalyn each month on her “month birthday” so Bryan and I could look back and see how fast she grew, and I am so glad that I did! I also used chalkboard in the pictures that would have the month written on it. This idea had two purposes: (1) It showed how old she was at the time the picture was taken (the obvious reason for using the chalkboard!) and (2) It was an object that didn’t change size, so it was something we could use as a comparison as she grew!




(LOVE her!)

For Madalyn’s first birthday party I wanted to take the chance to showcase some of these monthly pictures, so I decided that I would frame one from each month of Maddy’s first year. This was SUCH a simple decoration to add to her pink party, and it was fun for everyone to see how much she grew in just one, short year!

I found matching black picture frames at the Dollar Tree and spray painted them pink using Krylon’s “Mambo Pink.” You could easily use mis-matched frames too, which would also be super cute. To display them at the party, we just made sure to choose a wall that would be visible for everyone.


It’s been so fun to watch our little princess grow from baby to toddler! I can only imagine how much more quickly the next year will go by! 🙂

(Note: The 12th month picture is a photo from Maddy’s one year photo-shoot. We had not taken her 12 month pictures yet ourselves, as her party was before her actual first birthday. We had her one-year photos done by Lindsay of CARRstudios and LOVED all of them! If you are in the area and looking for a wonderful family photographer, check Lindsay out! www.carrphotostudios.com)




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