Madalyn’s Room: Before

Madalyn’s Room: Before

We have been busy here! I am in the midst of more projects at once that I have ever been, but it is all exciting and I can’t wait to share!

You know those Ecards that show a woman sobbing saying how sad she is that Pinterest was invented after she had her wedding? Well, that’s how I feel about Madalyn’s room! 🙂 I didn’t really get into Pinterest until about May of last year which was a month before Madalyn was born. I’m very much a planner and so her room was already set and ready to go by that point! I did do a few little creative things, like clothing size dividers in her closet, but for the most part I have always felt that her room was a little bit lacking in creativity.

Well, when the theme for her 1st birthday party was born, I knew that the pink lanterns would really add some life to her room — and they did! (You can see them here.) I also found a few other things I wanted to spruce up around her room to give it some more creative attention. I have to hang a few things on the wall yet, so before I show you some pictures of her room now, I thought I could share what it looked like before I made a few changes! (I will apologize in advance because I did not take thorough before pictures. I started moving some things around and did not want to put them back just for a picture. Call me lazy if you want!)


Madalyn’s room is painted a minty green and really compliments the rest of the pink everywhere!


These are the curtains that hung in Maddy’s room before.

And like I said, that’s all I have…but…changes to come!




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Madalyn’s Room: After

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