Playroom Update

Playroom Update

Back in the beginning of the year, we took our flex room and turned it into a playroom for Madalyn. In case you missed those posts, check them out here:

Maddy has continued to grow and her playroom needs have evolved a bit since we first designed this room. I decided that we should add a couple of new things to this room, to make it really fit where Madalyn is at! Here are some updated pictures:

Magazine Racks for Book Storage

Madalyn LOVES to read. I would triple-capitalize the word “love” if I could. Most days she ignores all of her toys and reads. Because of Maddy’s love for books, I wanted to come up with a way to store her books instead of just using the bins. I wanted something that would be easily accessible for her, but that would also look nice in the playroom. I decided on the Hayden Simply White Magazine Rack from Pottery Barn Kids.

I purchased two of the racks so we would have enough storage space for her ever-growing collection of books. I also wanted to fill the space on the wall and thought that the two racks looked better than just one, in this case.

Maddy still has some storage space left in these magazine racks for more books! She enjoys walking over to the racks and picking out a book to read. She can not reach the top shelves yet, but I rotate the books around so she is still able to have a variety to choose from.

Also, I have to tell you, PB Kids customer service is awesome. We don’t have a store in our area, and when I called the closest store (a two hour drive away) to see if they had the magazine racks in stock, they offered to ship it for free to my house! Seriously awesome.

Table & Chairs

Maddy loves the table and chairs we purchased from Ikea recently. They are the perfect size for her now and they will continue to work for years to come!

Lucky for us, Ikea makes this table in the perfect color to match our playroom! This is the Mammut table and matching chairs. The plastic material makes this table perfect for a playroom — durable and super easy to clean.

I love that this room continues to grow with Maddy and couldn’t be happier about our new finds!




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