Garage Project: Garage Entryway Door

Garage Project: Garage Entryway Door

Our garage entryway door was a plain, white door. Nothing special. However, one of our garage project goals (see my previous post for a list of our goals) was to make the entryway just a little bit cozier. It is rare that anyone even enters our home through our front door, so why not make the main entrance look a little better, right?


An easy way to make your garage seem a little less “garage-like” is to paint your door something other than white. We opted to paint ours brown, to match the stones on the outside of our house. Here are the steps we took to paint our door:

  • Take the door off the hinges and lay it flat on some horses.


  • Prime the door. This is an important step as it will help extend the life of the paint color you choose to apply.
  • Paint the door with the color of your choice. We used Benjamin Moore paint in “Toasted Brown.” The paint was a soft gloss finish, 100% acrylic, premium exterior latex paint. You could go with a different finish if you want, but we really like how the soft gloss looks on the door.


  • Let it dry!

That’s it! This was such an easy project. Our door was primed, painted (two coats), and back up in the door frame all within one day.

To add a finishing touch, I wanted to add our address numbers to the front of the door. I found these vinyl letters on Etsy and they were perfect for what I wanted. I ordered them in cream, but there are a lot of color options available!


What do you think? We really like it!

Stay tuned for another post or two on the garage project!




Looking for more?

Garage Project: Before

Garage Project: Finished! 

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