Garage Project: Finished!

Garage Project: Finished!

Good news! I have finished pictures of the garage — yay!

We painted the door and added the letters. See this post for all the details! We also purchased a large utility mat, that can be washed in a regular washing machine. It’s dark so it won’t show dirt as easy, and it covers enough space to have enough room for shoes! The rug was purchased at Target.

My father-in-law built these cabinets for us, and they turned out so well! We have TONS of storage. Seriously. We don’t even have anything in any of the top cabinets right now. One thing to mention about these cabinets, is that we started out with a plan on a piece of paper and made it come to life.

The cabinets are also deep, which is great for storage. All of Bryan’s larger tools fit perfectly, with room to spare.

Another great thing about how these were designed, is the drawers. There are always little things that need a small, easily accessible spot to be stored, and these drawers are the solution for those items.

I wanted to point out that the cabinets were designed to be off of the ground. We can easily sweep and clean underneath them, which is something I really wanted when we looked at having these made.

We purchased a larger storage unit for nails, screws, etc. as the one we had wasn’t large enough for everything, and was making it impossible for my husband to stay organized.

Most of Bryan’s nails and screws were just in boxes scattered around the garage, but the benefit of the boxes is that everything was labeled. In order to be able to know what was in each drawer, I attached a label to the inside side with the item and size. No more confusion!

I was inspired by some Pinterest pins when it came to this part of the garage. I wanted a bench to be able to sit on to put shoes on and I wanted these tall shelves and bins to store shoes.

The storage bench is plenty big and stores boots perfectly!

These bins hold a lot of shoes. You may recognize them, as they are the same ones we used in our playroom project, just a different color. These were purchased from I love not only the size of these, but they also wipe out so easily to clean, which was something I definitely wanted if they were going to be storing shoes. We still store our nicer, dressier shoes inside, but these baskets are the perfect solution for flip-flops, running shoes, and yard shoes!

These hooks will be used for jackets, and will be the perfect spot for wet, winter coats and snow pants to dry off. I bought them from Target.

You probably noticed that we also painted the wall in the garage where the cabinets are. In addition, we added decorative paneling in the spot above the bench. It adds a really nice touch to that spot, without being expensive.  The paneling was purchased at Home Depot.

So, let’s see how we did on our goals:

  • Storage: Cabinets. We wanted cabinets that would be mounted on the wall (and slightly off the floor so we could clean underneath). Ideally, these would hold most items in our garage (besides toys and big tools). Done! Everything fits into the cabinets with room to spare!
  • Appearance: We use the garage entrance of our house all the time. When we have family and friends over, they often enter through our garage as well. I wanted our garage to look clean and be as welcoming as our front entrance. Done! We painted the garage door and added the decorative paneling with hooks, to create a more welcoming entryway.
  • Seating: We wanted a bench to be able to sit on to put shoes on. We don’t have a lot of room in our entry-way so we wanted the bench outside inside. Done! It’s so nice to have the bench for both storage and to sit on.
  • Shoe Storage: I wanted to only keep nicer shoes inside (stay tuned for our master closet post to see how I chose to store those!). Shoes are dirty and I have read countless articles on how many germs are on the bottoms of shoes, so I wanted to keep as many shoes as possible, in the garage. Our shoe tree wasn’t holding everything we wanted it to, so we had to come up with a new idea! Done! The baskets we are using for shoes are working out really well! We even have some empty ones in case we decide to go on a shoe-buying binge. 🙂

Here is a final comparison of the before and after:


We couldn’t be happier with how much more organized our garage is! We have tons of storage space and everything is nice and clean (for now, at least!). I actually enjoy opening the garage and seeing how the hard work on this project paid off! Of course, we are in the process of adding a shed to our yard, so I am sure we will be tackling some more organization in here next spring…it never ends!

Now, on to the next project… 🙂



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