Master Bathroom: Before

Master Bathroom: Before

Our bathroom is a room that I have been wanting to “tackle” since we moved into our home a few years ago. We had not painted or really done anything with it. It is also one of those rooms that I was longing for to be pretty and organized!

Here are some photos of what our bathroom looked like before our project began…


The full view of the bathroom.



(ignore me!)



The linen closet.


Example of one of the bathroom drawers.


Example of our under-the-sink storage.

Even in looking at these pictures, I am so glad I was able to find some better organization systems!

Let’s chat about our goals for the bathroom:

  1. Paint. The biggest thing that could change the look and feel of our bathroom was to paint it!
  2. Organize the bathroom drawers. I wanted to find organizers that would fit into the drawers and help keep the odds-and-ends organized and in a specific spot.
  3. Linen closet. Find matching storage. I didn’t like how we had a bunch of different baskets storing things…I felt that even though everything was organized in a basket or container, the mismatched organization made things seem unorganized. We were also not making good use of all the space we had!
  4. Under-the-Sink Storage. This was a tricky spot to make good use of space. I wanted something with some height that could fill the cabinets but that would also provide us with good storage.
  5. Shower. I like our shower, but I hate the clear see-through doors. We have to use a squeegee after each shower on the doors, or streaks will show. For a neat-freak like myself, this is SUCH a pain. I wanted a solution that would make the shower appear cleaner.
  6. Décor. We didn’t really have any sort of pictures, or anything on the walls, and I wanted to change that! I had spent time making sure other rooms of the house seemed “finished” and I wanted our bathroom to feel the same way.

This is a long list but stay with me to see how we completed our list and the changes we made…I can’t wait to show you! 🙂




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