DIY Owl Costume

DIY Owl Costume


I know you are all probably dying of suspense, but I’m taking a quick break from the post on our bathroom to blog about Madalyn’s Halloween costume this year! As I have mentioned in previous posts, Maddy LOVES owls, so it seemed fitting that she should be an owl for Halloween.


I found a blog that had a homemade owl costume, and partially replicated it. You can find her post here, but I have included my own directions and tips below. Her blog has the templates you will need for the feathers and mask. If you are looking for a costume you can throw together last-minute before Halloween this year, give this a try! It’s cute, warm, inexpensive to make, and it can be made for either a boy or a girl by just changing the color fleece you use.

Supplies Needed:

1.  Hooded sweatshirt in the color of your choice. I chose a pink sweatshirt from Target (Circo brand) and it is a 3T. The size of your sweatshirt will potentially change the amount of fleece you will need and the amount of feathers you will need to cut out.

2.  Foam mask. I found this one at Target and it was only $2.00! Perfect for this project.


3.  Fleece. I used about a 1/2 yard of pink fleece, and about a 1/4 yard of cream fleece. I chose the   non-pilling fleece at JoAnn Fabrics because it seemed nicer in quality and I’m hoping it will hold up if I need to wash her sweatshirt at all.

4.  Glue. I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue to glue the fleece feathers to the sweatshirt. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue to make the mask. I also had to pull out my hot glue gun for use on part of the mask.

5.  Two sheets of white cardstock. I printed each of the templates on a piece of white cardstock.

6.  A rosette or some sort of decorative item for the mask (if you are making it for a girl). I found this one at JoAnn Fabrics.


7.  Pink (or whichever main color you chose) thread.

8.  Parchment paper.


  • Download each of the “Owl Templates”. You can find those on the Pure Joy Events Blog.
  • Print out “Owl Template 1” on cardstock. Cut out the pieces.
  • Using the “arm” piece, cut out the length needed onto the pink (or dominant color) fleece being used. I only needed four of the feathers, instead of the five in the template because my sweatshirt was smaller than the one she used. I pinned down the fleece in order to make sure I got an accurate cut.


  • Using the matching thread, hand-sew the arm piece onto each arm of the sweatshirt. The hand-sewing will help keep the stitches from being seen. I can’t even tell by looking at the sweatshirt that the feathers on the sleeve weren’t already part of the sweatshirt.


  • Using the pink fleece again (or whatever your dominant color for the costume is), cut out feathers. For my daughter’s 3T sweatshirt, I used 42 pink feathers.


  • Using the cream fleece, cut out additional feathers for the chest portion of the owl. For a 3T sweatshirt, I used 18 feathers.
  • Slip a piece of parchment paper into the inside of the sweatshirt, just in case the glue would leak through the sweatshirt and stick to the back.
  • Line a pink feather with a small amount of the Fabric Fusion glue.


  • Starting at the bottom of the sweatshirt, glue on each feather, overlapping as you go. Use the cream color in the chest portion to create the full owl look.


(Note: I laid out all the feathers before I started gluing, and just moved them out of the way as I went. I wanted to make sure it was going to look how I wanted before I started gluing everything.)

  • Allow the sweatshirt to fully dry. Mine took about 4 hours to feel dry, but I let it continue to lay flat for a full day before moving it.
  • Now, for the mask. Print out “Owl Template 2” on a piece of white cardstock. Cut out the pieces. I did not use the “beak” or the “eye” pieces because the mask I used was not the same as the original blogger’s.
  • Using pink fleece, cut out the mask from “Owl Template 1.” Again, I used pins to keep the mask in place.


  • Line the mask along the white cardstock mask from “Owl Template 2.” Cut out the eye holes. Note: I put the patterned part of the butterfly mask facing the back so that it wouldn’t show through at all. You will see what I mean if you choose to use the same mask that I did.


  • Glue the pink fleece mask on top of the white cardstock & foam mask.


  • Glue on the lashes and the decorative piece you chose, if any. I used hot glue for the feather since it was on the heavier side.


And, that’s it!



I purchased a matching pair of pink leggings from Target to complete the outfit! I don’t know how long Maddy will keep the mask on her face, but when we tried it on, she looked nothing short of adorable in it!


Happy “Owl-ween”! 🙂




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