Simple Idea: Framed Wedding Song Lyrics

Simple Idea: Framed Wedding Song Lyrics


Now that we have our sweet little Madalyn to keep us busy, I have noticed that our house, as well as our lives, have become very much focused on Maddy’s needs. I definitely do not mind this and know it’s a normal part of parenting, but lately have been trying to make sure that Bryan and I are able to focus on our marriage, too — if we aren’t strong and united together, then our family life won’t be what we want it to!

The one room in our home that is ours, is our bedroom. Yes, our bedroom is still child-proof because we don’t lock Maddy out of any rooms in the house, but I wanted to add some decorative things to the walls and the room to make it seem more like “ours.” Part of our motivation in re-doing our master bathroom was also the same. (The most exciting part of the re-do for me, was our closet…those posts will follow!)

I saw several pinners on Pinterest who had come up with the idea to frame the words from their first dance as a married couple. I knew this would be the perfect thing to add to a wall in our bedroom!


Want to give this easy project a try? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Picture frame – You can choose any size our style you like. The one I chose was from Hobby Lobby.
  • The lyrics from your first dance
  • Cardstock – One sheet
  • Mat for the frame (Optional)
  • Printer
  • Wood letters of your initials & paint (Optional) – I got mine from Hobby Lobby.


  • Foam heart (Optional) – I got mine from Hobby Lobby.


  1. Type the lyrics to your wedding song using your computer. I used Microsoft Word. I typed up the words for the song, and then copied and pasted until the whole sheet was full. I also justified the margins so that the words look like they just continue on without stopping.
  2. Print the lyrics onto cardstock. You could play around with whatever color you prefer for the cardstock, but I stuck with white.
  3. Frame the lyrics evenly using the mat. I taped the back of the mat to the sheet of paper so I would be sure the words were straight and wouldn’t move once I put them in the frame.
  4. The wood letters I purchased were natural-colored. I painted them black.

5.   Glue your initials and your foam heart (both optional) onto the front of the mat. Put the frame together and hang where you like!



This project took me probably an hour total to complete (including painting the letters). And I love how it turned out! We chose to hang it on the wall when you first walk in our bedroom. It’s a noticeable reminder of one of the absolute best days of my life! In the busyness of life, I love being able to put up simple reminders around our house of the things that matter most!




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