Simple Idea: Picture Frame Collage

Simple Idea: Picture Frame Collage

Well, I have not been on top of this blogging thing the last couple weeks. Oops. I’ll blame it on the holidays! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and the whole month in between them!

I wanted to wrap up my posts on our master bedroom changes and I have two simple things left to share with you in this post! As I mentioned in my first post, I was focused on making our bedroom “our place.” Our home is filled with pictures of our family and of course, Madalyn but I wanted to put together some pictures of just us for our room. Here is what I came up with:


I used pictures from our maternity session with Emily, of Ebeling Art Studio, as well as some lovely photos by Lindsay, of CARRstudios. This wall was otherwise empty.


Note: The bench and pillow are from Target, the blanket and the picture frames are from Ikea.


Another final touch to our bedroom had nothing to do with personalizing it, but I love this cabinet way too much not to share! We needed a place hold our DVD player and cable box, but couldn’t find something to match the color of our furniture. I found this instead:


Another find from Target! I love the color it adds to the room! (This cabinet does come in several other colors if you love it as much as I do, but perhaps yellow isn’t what you are looking for.)

All in all, here a few pictures of everything finished:



All the things we did were simple touches that added a lot to the room! Word of advice — not everything has to be a project! We used our same bedroom furniture, comforter and didn’t re-paint anything, and I still think the room looks a lot different. If you have a project you want to start, but don’t know how, try to keep your ideas as simple as possible — you will be less stressed and just as happy with the results! 🙂




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