Master Closet: Before

Master Closet: Before

Happy 2014! I took a break from blogging the last month or so for a couple of reasons…

1) Christmas-time is so busy! Our calendar always fills up with family get-togethers and Christmas preparations and before I know it, December 25th is here!

2) Baby BOY is on his way! We found out we were having a boy on Christmas Eve and we are SO excited and already busy planning his arrival.


So needless to say, blogging took a backseat for a bit. I am back now and I’ve got some ideas to share (yes, baby’s room is on the list of projects!)! The first thing I want to share is our master bedroom closet re-do. We actually completed this project back in the fall, but I just got around to finally taking some finished pictures.

Our closet is an average sized walk-in closet. It isn’t really big and it isn’t really small. But for us, personally, we have had no problem filling it up and I was ready for a more organized look. Hopefully, this project can inspire you as you may begin some home organization and spring cleaning with the arrival of the New Year!

Here is what our closet looked like back in September:







Just looking at these pictures today makes me so happy that we changed what we did! Now, I am not saying that our closet wasn’t organized. Everything was in its place, labeled or otherwise organized. The problem I wanted to fix was the look of the closet. I wanted a closet that I looked forward to walking into, one that didn’t need to be hidden and one that would improve the efficiency of getting ready every morning! As those of you who have toddlers know, the more efficient you can get with things like getting ready, the better!

Master Closet – Goals:

  • Matching hangers. Yes, you might think I’m crazy, but I have a thing for things to be matching. And that includes hangers.
  • Better storage for items like sweatshirts and tank tops. I didn’t like that, again, the storage bins didn’t all match. Some things were too hard to reach and convenience was something else I wanted to achieve.
  • Shoe storage. As you can see in the pictures, my shoes were on an over-the-door rack. My flip-flops and flats were constantly falling through the slots and it drove me CRAZY. A huge priority for me with this project was finding a better way to store my shoes.
  • Light fixture. I wanted to find a different option for lighting besides the light that came installed in the closet when we bought our home.

This project was not a small undertaking, but, I had the support and help from my patient husband and we were actually able to get everything done within a week or so (including the bathroom changes we made here).

I can not wait to show you finished closet and how we organized this space in our home!




Looking for more?

Master Closet: After

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