Kids’ Bathroom: Re-do!

Kids’ Bathroom: Re-do!

Oh my gosh. I have been an AWFUL blogger. I haven’t blogged for a month! I promise that I am still here and working on things, but we have been so busy getting ready for Baby J #2 that I haven’t taken the time to let you all know what we have been up to around here! I do have plans to reveal the Baby’s room in a blog post, but we are still putting some finishing touches on it, so you will have to stay tuned for that.

Our little girl, Madalyn, will soon be joined by a little brother…this means that her pink, owl-themed bathroom had to be changed up a bit! One of the projects we finished a while ago was re-doing the bathroom that will be shared by Maddy and Baby, so that it was more gender-neutral. I should note that this bathroom is also our main guest bathroom, so while I wanted it to have a youthful vibe, I also wanted to make sure it was modern enough not to be seen as just a “kid’s bathroom.”  You’ll have to let me know if you agree, but I think we were able to achieve that goal!

I’ll blame it on my pregnancy brain, but I did not take any “before” pictures of the bathroom! Oops. However, I did look back through my pictures, and I have two pictures that I took shortly after we moved in, and those will work. Really the only difference is that the shower curtain had owls, and the picture on the wall was an owl, instead of what is shown here. I think you will get the idea!

So, nothing special. A clean, un-painted, simple bathroom. Until…

We now have a youthful bathroom, that will work great for both boys and girls!

Bathroom Details:

Wall Canvas Prints: I purchased the prints from an Etsy shop. (Note: The link to the prints here, are NOT the prints I ordered. She no longer has them for sale in her shop. I ordered a printable version of similar prints, for $12.00. I then ordered the prints on canvases to hang on the wall.) These prints were my starting point for the bathroom — I built the rest of the room after purchasing these.

Shower Curtain: I purchased the shower curtain from Target. I love how perfectly the shower curtain matches the prints, and I also love that it can be thrown in the washing machine when necessary. (The towels and rug in the bathroom were also purchased from Target.)

Shower Curtain Rings: These were a clearance find at Target (yes!) and only cost me $1.44. Unfortunately, they were on clearance because they are no longer being sold at the store, so I can’t point you in the right direction for those. But, Target never fails to have lots of affordable, cute options, clearance or not.

Picture Frames and Hooks: The picture frames were purchased at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off, so each one was $9.99. The pictures were self-taken (well, minus the ultrasound one :)), and then printed in black and white. The idea is that both Madalyn and Baby will have a marked spot to hang their towels on. We did three hooks and frames because odd numbers tend to look better on the wall – no third child in the plans right now! The wall hooks are from Land of Nod. They are sturdy and cute, and they hold the towels perfectly. The hooks come in lots of fun colors, so check them out!

Drawer Organization: Ever since we re-organized our master bathroom, I had been wanting to organize the drawers in this bathroom as well. I found vanity organizers at Target that fit the drawers perfectly. They aren’t available online, but if you are interested, they are the “Merrick” brand, and they come in various sizes to fit a wide variety of drawers. Both Maddy and the baby each have a drawer and these dividers keep everything from sliding around since they are the perfect fit.

Linen Closet Organization: We didn’t really have a system for organization in the linen closet. I decided to go with my all-time favorite storage — Y-Weave Baskets from Target. These baskets came in the perfect color for the bathroom and they are SO versatile. We have everything from medicine, to wash cloths, to lotions all neatly stored inside. We have these baskets in our garage and in our playroom, and I love how easy they are to wipe out and clean! I should have bought some stock in these bins for the amount we have purchased!

I also have one tucked under the cabinet in the bathroom to hold the things we use most frequently.

Paint: The paint in the bathroom is from Home Depot, and is Behr paint with a Benjamin Moore color match – “Marina Gray”. We liked that this gray wasn’t too dark for the smaller room, but it still adds quite a bit of depth.

I thought Maddy would miss her owl-themed bathroom, but she really hasn’t minded one bit. The amount of change she has dealt with over the past few months is impressive! She is definitely going to make a wonderful big sister!

Now I just have to hope that my blogging can keep up with the rest of my nesting-urges! Happy Tuesday!



15 thoughts on “Kids’ Bathroom: Re-do!

  1. LOVE the bathroom!! I love the bright colors and how well everything matches! Love the shower curtain rings and the idea for towels!!

  2. Love the “reminder” pictures on the wall. Did you make those yourself or purchase them and from where?

  3. Love the shower curtain!! Where did you find it or can you tell me the brand so I can do a google search? Target seems to not carry it anymore

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