Simple Pantry Storage

Simple Pantry Storage


One of the areas in our home that has been an ongoing challenge to organize is the pantry. There is such a variety of items that don’t always fit into one neat category. While our pantry is not perfect, I have figured out a few simple ways to make it more organized and clean, and I am going to share those ideas here in this post. If you have any questions, or need more clarification on something, leave a comment!

Simple Pantry Tip #1:

Don’t over buy! This has been something that I have to remind myself of. I love Costco and I am a bargain shopper so when I see a good deal on an item, it is hard not to stock up. If you don’t have a place to store all of these extra things, you’ll end up with a pantry in disarray. There are a few smaller snack items I tend to buy in bulk (i.e. applesauce and fruit pouches for Madalyn and K-cups) through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, so I knew I did need to have a solution for storing those “extra” items.


These crates from Target were a complete steal ($10 using Cartwheel and on sale!) and they are durable and pretty. They keep items that don’t fit up on the shelves or that don’t need to always be visible, clean and organized.



I only purchased three of these bins total. This limits the amount of items I can buy ahead and keeps me in check.

Simple Pantry Tip #2:

Use pretty storage. Enter Target’s y-weave baskets. (I’ve used them in our playroom, garage and bathroom. They are so versatile, perfectly priced and easy to clean.) I used a combination of the small, medium and large baskets. I labeled the baskets with chalkboard labels (from Hobby Lobby) and a chalkboard pen.





Everything is neat and in one spot. Maddy can easily grab what she needs without leaving a disaster, which is also a bonus.

The other storage I used was Oxo’s storage containers. I used these for baking goods, pasta, rice and even just for Maddy’s fruit snacks. The options are really endless. I used the same chalkboard labels on these as well.






I love looking on the shelves and seeing how organized these containers make everything look!

Simple Pantry Tip #3:

Use your door for storage (if you have one). This was something I just discovered and it has made a world of difference in our pantry. I discovered this over-the-door pantry organizer at The Container Store and it has freed up so much shelf space. If you have a door on your pantry, don’t even contemplate this purchase — it’s 100% worth the investment.






We used a combination of the deep and shallow baskets. You can make any combination of these baskets work that will fit your needs (again, genius!). They also make an over-the-door hook so you don’t have to attach it to your door if you don’t want it permanently there. The Container Store is seriously my new best friend. (And think of all the other doors you could use this kind of storage on!). Hint: Milwaukee friends, The Container Store is coming to our area (finally) next year!

I hope these three tips that I’ve found through some serious trial and error will help make your pantry one more step to being organized! If nothing else, it will give you some more space and you’ll have some pretty labels to look at. 🙂



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