Home: Living Room

Home: Living Room

As I was getting out our fall decorations today, (Yes, I know, maybe a little early, but you know what? School has started and I see a high of 64 degrees in the forecast in the next ten days, so I’m getting ready.) and I realized that I have never blogged about our living room. Our living room is the most used room in our house, and it’s the one that I’ve never quite been able to settle on how to decorate! I think we are on our fourth try with throw pillows, but these ones are the keepers.

Here is what our living room looked like the first year we lived in our home:




At lot has changed in three years. We now have painted, new furniture and new decoration. We still do have those couches, but they are in our basement living area now instead. (Note: Speaking of basements, we are doing some lighting changes this weekend and then I will have a post soon about the new play area in the basement! Can’t wait to share it with you.)

Here is our living room now:



Big difference!

Couch: Crate & Barrel — We LOVE this couch. It has withstood life with two newborns so far and it’s so comfy. Awesome quality, too!

Pillows: Crate & Barrel (They don’t have the color we purchased in stock any longer.)




Tea Lights: Ikea

Picture Frames: Ikea — High Gloss/Gray

Large Candles & Holder: Ikea


Curtains: Pottery Barn — Ivory

Curtain Rod: Pottery Barn

Yes, Pottery Barn drapes were pricey, but for the quality, we absolutely love them. I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat.



Family Frame: Hobby Lobby



These prints are one of my favorite things about this room. They are a constant Scriptural reminder for me, and I love that.

Frames: Michael’s

Prints: Naptime Diaries


Glass Bowl: Crate & Barrel

Bowl Filler: Hobby Lobby


Clock: Hobby Lobby

I love that everything ties together with the blue and cream accents and it gives the room a really warm feeling. I took some pictures of our fall decor that is out now too, and hope to share that soon if you are looking for some ideas!

Happy September!



3 thoughts on “Home: Living Room

  1. Great do -over!! Love Crate & Barrel too! Looking for a sofa that is made well. Do you remember the name of the one you purchased?

    1. The couch we have is the Axis! We absolutely love it and actually just bought another set in a different color for our downstairs. The microfiber material is so easy to clean, and everything has come out of it, even with two kids!

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