Fall is Here!

Fall is Here!


I am happy to report that our basement playroom is DONE. I have pictures and am already working on that post! Yay!

In the meantime, I promised some fall decor pictures! I love Fall, and it is by far my favorite season. I love hoodies, sweatpants, apple cider, warm fires and the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves. It can not be beat! I am a diehard Christmas fan (like, seriously, I am already counting down the weekends until Christmas and I may have turned on a Christmas song or two the other day…), but I don’t really get into Halloween much. Halloween is one of those holidays that I have never really been at peace with as a Christian, but, I do enjoy the general Fall and non-gorey, non-scary Halloween decor.

I’m hoping some of these simple ideas might inspire you! I didn’t spend much on any of our decorations and with the exception of a few Halloween things that I put up after taking most of these photos, these items will remain displayed in our home until we decorate for Christmas (which is another reason I stay away from a lot of the Halloween specific decorations.)

I get asked a lot where I find a lot of our seasonal decor, and decor in general. My favorite places to shop right now are Crate & Barrel and Hobby Lobby. Both are reasonably priced (depending on what you are looking for), and they offer more of a classic style. I am not really into trendy things that go out of style, because I try to find things that will last for a bit. I am an accountant, and by nature, try to watch spending and be realistic when it comes to buying decorations. One “trend” that I do love is the use of flameless candles. I love that they are safe around kids and pets, they can be put anywhere without starting a fire (note, against plastic leaves) and they still honestly look real to me. I actually saw some at Pottery Barn the other day that have a real looking flame! They are pricier which is why I’ve purchased mine from Crate & Barrel instead, but they look SO real. I have included links to some of the items pictured below that I know are still for sale, so I hope that helps you out.

Happy decorating!



*Leaves: Hobby Lobby; Tealight holder: Crate & Barrel; Flameless Tealights: Crate & Barrel


*Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby


*Stuffed Pumpkin: TJMaxx


*Pumpkin: Crate & Barrel; Candle Holders: Ikea; Flameless Pillar Candles: Crate & Barrel



*Owl: World Market


*Bowl: Crate & Barrel; Pinecone Assortment: Hobby Lobby




Looking for more?


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