Downstairs Playroom

Downstairs Playroom

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will remember that when our daughter was still an infant, we organized our “flex” room in our home to be a playroom for her. If you are new, you can check out those posts here. We have loved that room, and it is probably the most used room in our home. When Gavyn was born this past spring, we realized that we may need some more space. We knew we would now be getting into the world of girl specific toys AND boy specific toys. Yikes. I started to envision Madalyn having a space to play by herself if she wanted to just get away for a bit and maybe pull out some of the toys that she has that Gavyn shouldn’t be around since he would just chew on everything. So, the idea of a secondary playroom was born.

We always had some toys downstairs, because when we were down there to do various household tasks, it was nice to be able to bring Maddy down and still be able to entertain her. This is what our playroom looked like this summer:

It worked. It was fairly organized, and probably only 10% of our total playtime was spent down here. But, I knew that this wouldn’t work as both kids started growing and needing more space. Before we bought anything, we really, really, really planned this whole room out. We measured, we read reviews online for different products, and we had a plan. If there is anything I can recommend that we learned out of this process is that having a plan is the key to not wasting time! We purchased many of our items for this room from IKEA, and the last thing I wanted to do was be two hours away from home and have no idea if what we were buying was going to fit. So, measure, brainstorm and plan ahead of time to save yourself some headaches!

Here is our current downstairs playroom:

Big difference, right? We have only really completed this entire project in the last couple of weeks, but it has Maddy and Gavyn’s seal of approval. Every time Madalyn goes down there to play she loudly exclaims “I love this place!” 🙂 I’ll post some more pictures following, and I will detail out items that we purchased as best I can in case you are curious or want to recreate any of this. If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

Note: We did re-do the lighting in the basement. We had three flush mount lights that we replaced with recessed lighting, that is on dimmers. I LOVE it and it gives the room so much more light.

Paint Color: Behr “Ice Flower”

Rug: Ikea (We actually used the one we originally had in our upstairs playroom.)

I wanted the kids to have a reading spot and this worked out perfectly!

Chairs: Pottery Barn Kids, Anywhere Chairs

Bookshelves: Ikea Spice Racks (We painted these white.)

Shelving Unit: Ikea (I am sure you have heard of the Expedit shelving, but they now are called Kallax, and they have some really fun color options!) & Bins: Ikea

Clock: Ikea

I fell in love with this Ikea toy storage unit when I saw it online! Of course, they didn’t have the exact configuration of it that I wanted in the store, but we found that these worked just fine. This is just four individual tall units placed next to each other. I love these bins, too. They fit so many toys and they are so easy to wipe out! They are also so simple for Maddy to reach and pull out on her own.

Toy Storage Unit & Bins: Ikea

Note: I also LOVE the Container Store’s accessory bins. These are perfect for keeping those little toys all in one spot, and the quality and price are both great.

I wanted the kids to have a place for art and art supplies so I made this little spot in the playroom, just for that purpose. The table is washable, which has been a lifesaver, and the containers and shelf are just out of Maddy’s reach so she has to ask for them, which means I know when she has markers and when she doesn’t! The Ikea trash bag holders are attached to the wall and store coloring books, construction papers, and art paper. The containers on the rail hold markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paintbrushes.

Picture Frames: Ikea

Shelf/Ledge: Ikea

Rail: Ikea & Containers: Ikea

Table & Chairs: Ikea

Coloring Book Wall Holder: Ikea

Wall Decal: Etsy

Madalyn was gifted this easel for her birthday and she loves it! We do have a drop cloth to put underneath it for when she does paint.

Easel: Melissa & Doug

Spill Proof Paint Cups: Melissa & Doug

Drop Cloth: ALEX

Washable Dry Erase Markers: Crayola (These really have washed out of anything that they have gotten onto!)

Our fridge was looking too cluttered from all of these magnets, so we put up these magnetic boards so Maddy had a place to play with them, which also meant less fingerprints for me to wipe up on the fridge! The top one can hold artwork and pictures that she creates.

Magnetic Boards: Ikea

Magnets: Melissa & Doug

Our playroom testers…

So, while this was quite a process, I am really happy with how this room turned out! And we will get a chance to really use this space a lot in the coming weeks as our floors are being replaced and we will need a place to hibernate — at least we will be entertained! 🙂






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