Our Doc Band Journey: Part Two

Our Doc Band Journey: Part Two


When we found out that Gavyn would need to wear his Doc Band for twelve weeks, I thought that sounded like such a long time. But, surprise! Like most things baby, time flies! He is already 1/3 of the way done — four weeks done! Woohoo!

Gavyn had his second appointment this past week, and the PT is really pleased with how his head shape is progressing. We were able to compare the mold made of his head (which was made from the helmet casting) to his current shape. There is definite progress and it has only been a month. Gavyn is on the older side, so we were expecting the progress to be even slower than it has been.

We will be going back in another two weeks for another check. We compare his head to his mold and to his photos that were taken at the beginning. The PT then does a growth adjustment to his helmet, which is basically just shaving off part of the inside to allow for more growth where we want the head to go. It is really pretty fascinating how this whole process works, and that there is something that can help shape Gavyn’s head like it is, without Gavyn even feeling a thing!

We decorated Gavyn’s helmet with Green Bay Packer sticker decals (although, I think Bryan had a hard time looking at Gavyn’s head after the game loss on Sunday…), and they help the Doc Band feel a little less medical and a little more fun. We purchased the decals from Bling Your Band. They were easy to apply and have stayed on really well so far.




We are so appreciative of all of your comments and support regarding this process for us, and are happy to answer any questions if you have them! I will keep you posted on how he is doing, but so far, so good!

(Stay tuned this week for another easy DIY Valentine decoration tutorial!)




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