Our Doc Band Journey: Part Three

Our Doc Band Journey: Part Three

FOUR weeks left!! Yay! This process has definitely gone faster than I was imagining it would, but I am still very happy that it will be over soon. Gavyn continues to be a champ about the whole thing, so that is wonderful, but I am ready to be done with the helmet-cleaning and the appointments! I will also be glad to snuggle him without the Doc Band getting in the way!

The Doc Band has definitely really become a part of our daily life and I don’t even notice it anymore. When we go out and about, I actually forget that he even has it on until I notice a second glance from a curious passerby. It has really just become an extension of Gavyn.

Gavyn had his third followup appointment yesterday, which marked eight weeks since he first started wearing the Doc Band. The physical therapist is pleased with the progress he has made, especially considering he is on the older side of babies to start this process with the Doc Band. We have one more followup appointment for a growth adjustment in two weeks, and then the Band will be off for good on St. Patrick’s Day. The final appointment will consist of lots of final pictures and wrap up items. I am hoping to get copies of the before and after pictures that were taken so that I can share them with you. I am confident that the difference will be huge.

In the meantime, I am going to share a couple of the pictures I have taken (some are not very great quality, sorry!). I took the pictures during bath time because Gavyn’s hair has really gotten long and it is harder to see the difference in his head shape sometimes. The changes are really obvious to Bryan and I, and I think you will be able to see a difference, too. Again, I apologize that the pictures aren’t the best! It’s hard to get a good picture when Gavyn is busy trying to crawl around and drink the water in the tub. 😉

December 29, 2014:


You can see in this picture that the right side of his head is flatter and that overall there isn’t much roundness to the back of his head.

February 18, 2014:


I know it might be hard for you to tell just from these pictures, but you can see that the height of his head has really decreased. He has more of a forehead, where before it was small, and the back of his head is really rounding out. The flatness on the right back side is really improved from where it was at the end of December. His head also came to a point in the back on the left side and that is gone. Besides the decrease in flatness, the decrease in the overall height of his head is really the most obvious change to us. I am still pretty in awe of this whole process, as the changes we are seeing are really pretty great!

I will have a final update for you when we are all done in March — the end is in sight!




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