Friday Favorites: February Edition

Friday Favorites: February Edition


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites this week! This week I am sharing my favorite things to cope with a never-ending winter…February is that month where I reach the point that I am just over winter! But yay, because February is a short month!

1) Winter Sales

I have found some of the best deals shopping lately! I do most of my shopping online these days because (1) I have kids under the age of three (2) It is SO easy and (3) I am loyal to a few brands overall and so it makes shopping online even easier when you already know how the sizing and quality will be.

Now is a great time to get deals on winter clothes for the rest of this winter and to carry forward into next winter. Stores are making room for spring and summer inventory, which I know is hard to imagine seeing snow on the ground, but they are always planning ahead. I was able to save 50% (even on sale items) at Gap, 50% off of clearance at Express, and 60% off of sale prices at American Eagle. I’ve also found great deals lately at Target and Old Navy. I had free shipping on all orders, too. I was even able to buy ahead (some things) for the kids for next winter, too. For example, I scored a $3 sweater from Gap for Gavyn and $10 jean overalls for Madalyn, also from Gap! So check out your favorite places, sign up for those e-mailing lists to get extra coupons and savings, and I am positive you will find some great deals!

2) Lent Devotional


I am following the Naptime Diaries “Follow” Lent devotional this year and I am already loving it. They don’t have any hard copies left, but you can purchase a downloadable pdf of the devotional if you want to follow along. I am not super into Lent practices, in terms of giving things up, but I love the idea of preparing your heart for Easter by being diligent in the Word. This devotional gets you into the Bible each day and helps you prepare for the season. I love all of the products that the Naptime Diaries team comes up with, and if you are looking for a devotional, I highly recommend this one. (P.S. The devotional is set up so that you can complete it during any time of year, so even if you aren’t ready for it now, you can use it later.)

3) Costco


Costco is one of my favorite places to be lately. The food, the books, the movies…seriously. Bryan and I went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago, and one of the best parts of the night was walking around Costco together and kid-free! It was glorious.

I have my favorite few things that I buy there each time (Skinny Pop, organic eggs, ice cream, fruit, etc.), but I think I find something new each time that I love. If you have never checked out Costco, I recommend that you do! A trip to Costco is a nice little vacation for me and when you do have to take the kids with you, they can ride side-by-side in the front of the huge cart which is pretty fun for them, too.

4) The Bachelor


So, I told myself that I wouldn’t watch The Bachelor this year. Well, I am definitely watching (and maybe even filled out a Bachelor bracket…)! Yes, there is nothing super wholesome about the show, and the Bachelor this season isn’t a super exciting candidate, but I can’t help it! I like having something to look forward to on a winter Monday night — a warm fire, popcorn and a glass of wine complete the perfect picture.

I should probably stop saying that I won’t watch the next season, because the reality is, I probably will. I am already trying to figure out who the next Bachelorette will be.

5) Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza

I would be lying if I said we only consumed pizza in the winter, however, I know we eat more of it in the winter! It is our go-to meal when nothing else comes to mind. Frozen, take-out, homemade…yeah, all of it. Thankfully, Madalyn decided she liked pizza, and now we just need to convince Gavyn that it is pretty much the best invention ever. Right?!

I hope you are surviving what is left of this winter, too! Happy Friday!



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