Simply My Favorite Vase

Simply My Favorite Vase

Do you ever purchase something and end up using it more than you thought possible? I feel like more often than not, I buy something and really don’t get good use out of it. So, I wanted to share something that I love and have already used a ton! 


I saw this Taylor Hurricane at Crate and Barrel in the fall of last year, and I loved it right away because of its price and simplicity. There are endless ways you can use this vase to decorate! I used three of them for our Christmas centerpiece on our kitchen table, but then used one for Valentine’s and also repurposed it yet again for Easter.

I filled each hurricane with a red flameless LED candle and mini ornaments from Target. I wrapped some garland (found at Hobby Lobby) around the three jars to tie it all together.

For Valentine’s Day, I used the same candle and added little heart ornaments (from Hobby Lobby).

And for Easter? Simple as little plastic eggs for a filler! It adds some nice color to the table and seems slightly more “sophisticated” than a basket.

I love the simplicity of this vase and already anticipate many more uses as the seasons of decorating change!

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