DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Flowers

I hope that you all saw my fun, DIY spring yarn wreath I posted about this week, and if you did, then this is the followup post on how to make the little felt flowers that I attached to the wreath!

I made two different types of flowers after scouring the internet for ideas and tutorials! I combined a few different ideas I saw and came up with these two. All you need for both of these flowers is felt, scissors and some hot glue.

1) The Rose: Instructions

This flower was a little more time-consuming than the other one. As I was putting these together, I had a flashback to when I was making this lantern for Maddy’s first birthday party — the technique is pretty much the same! Thankfully, I only had a few of these petals to make, instead of hundreds.

  • Take your piece of felt and trace six OR ten circles. Use ten circles for a pretty big flower, and for smaller ones, I found that six circles worked better and wasn’t as crowded feeling. You can get creative here with what circle size you want to use to trace. I used a ribbon spool for the large light pink flower on mine, but for all the others I used whatever I could find — a little paint jar, a play food can, etc.

  • Cut out your circles. Make sure you cut inside of any lines that were used to draw so that the marker or pen doesn’t show up on the felt flower.

  • Cut out a smaller circle to use as a center to glue the petals on. There is no size requirement for this, just big enough to hold the first four petals with some hot glue.

  • Fold your circle in half.

  • Fold your circle in half again.

  • Place some hot glue onto the center circle you cut out and glue down the point of the folded circle.

  • Do the same thing with three other circles, to complete the bottom layer of the petals.


  • Repeat the same steps with four other circles, and place them right on top of the first four that you already have glued down on the bottom.

  • Put the last two circles, folded twice just like the others, in the center, standing upright. (If you are doing a smaller flower and only doing six circles, you will put four on the bottom and two standing upright in the center — you will basically just be skipping the four additional ones in the center.)

That’s it! A super cute, super easy felt flower to add to your wreath.


2) The “Fluffy” Flower: Instructions

This flower is sooooo easy to make. If I didn’t like the look of the rose one so much, I would have done these for the whole wreath because they are literally the easiest!

  • Cut a strip of felt. You can play around with the dimensions. The ones I made were about 12 inches long and I varied the width/height of them, depending on the size I wanted. They were between 1.5 inches and 3 inches in width/height.

  • Fold the strip in half, lengthwise. Hot glue the seam closed.

  • Cut strips into the folded side of the felt strip (NOT the glued side). You can make these whatever width apart that you want. Mine were probably a centimeter or so, but it isn’t an exact science. You can experiment with them to see what works best. Be very careful not to cut all the way through, or you will have to start over…not saying that happened to me or anything…:)

  • “Roll up” the flower and place hot glue at the end to hold it together.

That’s it! So simple.

These flowers would both be fun on lots of other crafts, too! Felt is so inexpensive so that’s also a bonus.

Hope you have as much fun building your spring wreath with these felt flowers as I did!




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