Friday Favorites: This Week at Random

Friday Favorites: This Week at Random


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites again this week! This week doesn’t really have a theme, because well, that’s pretty much how this week has been — sporadic!

1) Only…

…12 days until Gavyn’s Doc Band comes off for good! We had a followup appointment for him this week, and everything continues to look really good. The PT is really happy with how his head has changed, especially given the fact that he is on the older end of kids that wear these Bands. I am happy to be in the last stretch and am so happy with the results that have been made — I will have to share the before and after pictures with you once we get them!

2) My New Spring Wreath

I blogged this week about the simple yarn wreath I made for spring and I loved how it turned out. It is a nice uplifting reminder that spring is on the way. Speaking of which, as much as I have been looking forward to spring, I can not believe that it is already March and this weekend is already daylight savings! If you are looking for a fun spring craft, check out my post and tutorial on how to make this simple wreath.

3) Madalyn Says

Poor Madalyn seems to get neglected on the blog these days, but fear not, she is very much here! The things she says daily continue to crack me up! I try to write them all down, but seriously, I would need to attach a notebook to my hip in order to get them all written down in a timely manner.

My sisters and I all went to work out this week and Maddy, Gavyn and their cousin Oliver all went to play in the child care for a bit. My sister hadn’t ever taken Oliver to the child care before so she was a little nervous. When I picked Maddy up afterwards, I asked her if Oliver had cried at all while we were gone. She said, very seriously “Ummm, no. He was happy.” Well, according to the child care workers, Oliver was not a happy camper and did spend some time crying. So much for my sister’s theory that Madalyn would be a good source of information. 😉 Haha!

I find it most amusing when she says things that I know she only heard from Bryan or I and we had no clue she was even listening! Anyone else with a two or three-year old, can probably relate. I could do without some of the sass behind some of her words, but overall, I am so proud of her and how much she is learning! She is constantly amazing us with her knowledge and her language.

4) Pinterest


I have been loving all of the spring inspiration on Pinterest this year! I don’t spend as much time pinning as I used to, but I am feeling so inspired after I spend some time looking around on Pinterest. I used to feel so overwhelmed by all of the amazing ideas and homes and recipes that I wanted to try, but I am trying to view it as more of an idea/inspiration outlet and that has helped me be less overwhelmed and more inspired and encouraged!

5) Turning One

Gavyn will be ONE in just a couple of months. Talk about time flying! I have been busy this week getting serious about his party planning! I have invites in hand, and ordered some favors and decorations and a little t-shirt for him. I will definitely have some fun blog posts up after his party, but I am just looking forward to celebrating him for now! It’s so crazy to look at his sweet little newborn pictures and then look at my big, standing, cruising, macaroni and cheese eating little guy now. That first birthday is such a bittersweet thing!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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