Friday Favorites: Costco Favorites

Friday Favorites: Costco Favorites


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites again this week!

I love Costco. I mean, if we are all honest, I think we all really love Costco. Two-seater shopping carts, endless samples and good food. Really can’t be beat! This week I am sharing my (current) five favorite things to buy at Costco. This list changes as the store has different things, but right now, these are my top five!

1) Skinny Pop Popcorn

IMG_6999 3

It is a good thing this snack is low-calorie, because I could eat a ton of it in one setting if I wasn’t careful! It’s really good! No, it doesn’t taste like movie theater popcorn, but it’s not that bad for you, and it’s so inexpensive at Costco – especially when it’s on sale. Oh, and it comes in White Cheddar too, which is just as good!

2) Berries

IMG_6997 2

I love Costco’s blueberries, strawberries and raspberries! They aren’t always a great price, depending on the season and availability, but lately we have been lucking out. Both Madalyn and Gavyn looooove berries, so this is one thing that for sure doesn’t go to waste in bulk sizing! I sometimes go to Costco just for fruit when we need it (that’s not to say I don’t walk out with another $100 of things that weren’t on my list…it’s like Target-syndrome on a whole different scale!).

3) Cookies

IMG_6998 2

To balance out the healthy, of course, we love Costco’s bakery cookies. Not really much to say about these, other than they are amazing — all three types.

4) Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks


These would be Madalyn’s #1 Costco pick. They are such a good deal, especially on sale, compared to anywhere else I have looked for these. Also, super yummy. And because they say organic on them, I like to think they sorta make it into the “healthy” category. Right?

5) Kirkland Organic Chocolate Milk


When I was pregnant, both times, I craved milk and ice cream. This was one of my favorite buys then, and it is still a favorite now. Maddy also gives it a seal of approval! They are the perfect size for traveling, and they have long expiration dates which is super helpful when buying in bulk. Oh yes — and they are organic too!

There you have it. My five simple Costco favorites this week! Happy weekend!



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