Hanging a Wreath with Ribbon

Hanging a Wreath with Ribbon

To finish up my posts on my DIY Spring Yarn Wreath, I wanted to show you quickly how I made a simple bow and hung my wreath with ribbon. I wanted to add an extra touch to the wreath, and this was an inexpensive and simple way to do it!

(Note: I am attaching my wreath to just a regular, over-the-door wreath hanger. If you are doing something different, you may need to modify the first two steps below to fit your wreath hanger.)

Supplies Needed:

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Thread or floss to match your ribbon


1) Make a loop of ribbon around the wreath. Hot glue the ends together to hold the ribbon together in place.

2) Make another loop going the opposite direction, around the first loop that you made. Seal the ends together with glue again.

3) Cut two strips of ribbon about 24-25 inches long. (You can make them longer if you want a bigger bow, this is just what worked best for me for the size wreath I was hanging.)

4) Make two loops with one of the ribbon strips you just cut.

5) Do the same thing with the second strip of ribbon, so you have two identical “bows.”

6) Place the bows on top of each other.

7) Squeeze the middle together tightly and wrap together with thread/floss.

8) Cut two more strips of ribbon about 6 inches long.

9) Glue the two strips to the back of the ribbon. This doesn’t have to look pretty since no one will see it!

10) Cut one more small piece of ribbon to cover up the center portion where the thread/floss is holding the bows together. Glue this over the middle.

That’s it! Easy! You can cut little triangles out of the bottom of the ribbon tails if you want (I did on mine).

Hang your wreath and you are all set…maybe if we all put up some of our spring decor the weather might cooperate?! Here’s hoping!




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2 thoughts on “Hanging a Wreath with Ribbon

  1.  Have you made your Holiday wreath yet? What types of materials did you use? Are you a traditionalist and love to use fresh greenery? Or do you like to craft yours up out of thrifted items or craft products??

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