Friday Favorites: Favorite Easter Basket Picks!

Friday Favorites: Favorite Easter Basket Picks!


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites again this week! Easter is right around the corner, so I am sharing my five favorite Easter basket picks this year:

1) Peek-A-Whoo Personalized Bunnies


Both Madalyn and Gavyn are receiving a Jellycat Bunny with their names on the ear! These bunnies are so cute and if I hadn’t waited until the last second to order them, I would have a picture of the actual ones they are getting to show you…but they are on their way here, as we speak! I know these bunnies will be something that they both treasure for a long time.

While it is too late to order these for Easter this year, check out the Peek-A-Whoo site, because they monogram these and other things all year-long!

2) Green Toys


I am loving all of the Green Toys products! We gave Gavyn the Dump Truck and Recycling Truck (purchased at Costco together as a set for an amazing deal, of course) at Christmas. Madalyn has the Tea Set and Pizza Parlor and I love them both! For Easter, Gavyn is getting this Fire Truck. These toys are super well made and durable, and they are made out of recycled milk jugs! I also like that they are simple toys that don’t make noise. They help foster more creativity and they don’t drive me insane with an annoying song or noise! For the quality, they are fairly priced and if you are lucky to catch them at Costco or as an Amazon Deal-of-the-Day they are super reasonable! They have lots of options for both boys and girls, and I have been super impressed with the ones we have so far. So fun!

3) Disney Princess Enchanted Dress


Madalyn is going to be SO excited to see this Rapunzel dress in her Easter basket! Maddy is super into dressing up these days, so we thought this would be a fitting Easter basket item. In my quick search, has the best price on this dress, even though I am usually Amazon-loyal. 🙂 It was actually around $12.00 when we bought it, so check out their site! Many of the other Disney princess dresses were on sale, too. Madalyn looooves the movie “Tangled” (she was just singing “I See the Light” at the top of her lungs before nap time…), and this dress will definitely be exciting for her!

P.S. I can’t speak to the quality of the dress, yet, but for $12 and for dress-up purposes, I am thinking it will be just great!

4) Disney Movies


Speaking of Disney, we have a slight Disney movie obsession going on around here lately. Madalyn is so into Tinkerbell lately, so she is getting the Tinkerbell movie in her basket! Gavyn is getting Cars 2, although, I think Madalyn will be more excited about it than him!

If you haven’t heard of Disney Movie Rewards, you need to head over and sign up! You enter the codes that come with your Disney movies and the accumulate points for you. We have already earned two free movies just from entering the codes on movies that we already had. Super easy and totally worth it!

5) Starburst Jelly Beans: FaveReds


Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a little bit of candy…for me, that is! These are my absolute favorite Easter candy. I am not big into any other Jelly Beans but these are seriously perfection. And to top it all off, I love all of the three flavors so I don’t even have to pick through to find the best ones!

On a serious note, I hope you are all ready for the week to come as we prep are hearts and minds for what Jesus did for us. This time of year is so important and in the midst of Easter baskets and family celebrations, let’s not forget what an amazing thing our Savior did for us!



One thought on “Friday Favorites: Favorite Easter Basket Picks!

  1. Cars 2 is a favorite around our house! Movies are a great idea to put into baskets! I always put in a tube of bubbles for my little guy – we go through them so fast!! Happy Easter and enjoy celebrating!

    {Hello from the link up!}

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