Happy Birthday, Gavyn!

Happy Birthday, Gavyn!

I am sitting here in disbelief (and holding a box of Kleenex), that our second baby is ONE! I think it must be a second child thing, but this year flew by even faster than Madalyn’s first year, and just like that — my baby is no longer a baby, but a toddler. Be warned before you read further, that I am a hot mess of emotion about my little man turning one, so if you can’t handle sappy, this post is not for you! 


Dear sweet, baby boy,

You are ONE! I still remember the first moment I held you like it was yesterday. Your arrival was quick and unexpected, but from the moment you were here, I knew my life would never be the same. When your dad and I found out we were going to be having a little boy, I was shocked! I am a girls’ girl all the way, and I was so anxious to be entering the unknown world of “boys”. But, little man, you immediately calmed my anxiety with your sweet smile and your little baby charm. You are the perfect, perfect addition to our family.



You have a great big sister who loves you and really does enjoy your presence — you are often the first person she asks about in the morning and she likes to make sure that everyone else knows you exist! Your Dada loves having his own little son in the house to even out the numbers, but I can tell he is a big softie for you, too. And me, well, I was smitten with you from day one! You somewhat prefer me over your Dada, but the score seems to be a little more even now as you grow older. But, I can’t say I mind your preference — your smile when I walk in the room after being gone is the absolute best.

You are a big guy, weighing in around 26 pounds, and you already have eight teeth! You have a head full of soft blonde hair, and you have such big, blue eyes! I kept waiting for your eyes to change color but they never did. You are tall, too, and measure just under 32 inches. You are starting to lose some of your baby fat and adorable chubby cheeks, which makes me so sad!

You are SO close to walking and are super brave about trying, but not quite all the way there yet. In the meantime you crawl around like a crazy person and cruise on anything you can hold on to. You also LOVE to eat — pretty sure it’s one of your most favorite activities. You love raspberries, bananas, cheese and yogurt, and you seem to have a love for mac ‘n cheese that is just as strong as your Mama’s! You are a champ with your sippy cups and have already ditched your bottle.

You love to be outside (you smile even when I just open the door!) and your favorite indoor toy is probably your little cars — you love to scoot all over with them! You are also a big fan of our kitties, and while the love is not reciprocated from them, they provide you with some great entertainment! You also love, love, love bath time! When the water is turned on to start filling the tub, I can expect you to be in the bathroom in just a few seconds. You splash and splash and you would probably stay in the tub forever if we let you!

You loved to snuggle as a baby and as you get more active that is wearing off, but one of my favorite moments of the day is snuggling you up when you are tired enough to sit still. You don’t say many things repeatedly yet, but you have learned to say “uh-oh” when you drop things, and even though you sometimes do it on purpose, it is so adorable to be communicating with you, that it doesn’t even matter! You are a great sleeper, and your Mama and Dada are super happy about that.

You are an observant little guy, and you like to take everything in that is going on around you. You are also really good at imitation!  You are definitely a curious baby — you get in to everything and want to know how it all works! No cabinet is left closed anymore around here. Your little laugh is so, so precious and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do in order to hear it!

I don’t have the whole “raising a boy” thing figured out yet (and probably never will get it down perfectly), but Gavyn, you are just such a little light in our family. You are full of joy and your sweet demeanor is a joy to those around you. How did we get to your first birthday so quickly? It seems like yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital. Wasn’t it just a week ago that you held your head up on your own and first slept through the night? I wish that I could hold time still and that I could go back to the days where I just snuggled you as you slept all day long. But, there is also so much excitement in seeing you grow into the person God has made you to be. I am confident that He has some amazing plans for your life, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to see His plans unfolding.

My prayer for you is that you would continue to find that joy in life as you grow. I pray that you will grow to be an incredible man of God. May you be a light to those around you that there would be no doubt that you have a Savior who has changed your life.

I can not imagine our family without you, sweet Gavyn. The day you were born will be pushed back further and further into my memory as you continue to grow and create new memories, but I will never forget it. While the little peach fuzz on your cheeks is long gone, and your tiny newborn toes are now covered up with shoes, you will always be my little baby. You, my little boy, are an answer to prayer and the perfect addition to our family.



I love you more than you will ever know!

Love Forever & Always,


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