Monster First Birthday Party: DIY Monster Utensil Holders

Monster First Birthday Party: DIY Monster Utensil Holders


One of the fun DIY projects I completed for Gavyn’s monster birthday party were some monster utensil holders, made out of tissue boxes. They were inexpensive, not very time-consuming and they added some fun flair to the food table!

Supplies Needed:


  • Empty Tissue Box: I used Puffs boxes because I liked the openings of the box and didn’t have to do anything to change their configuration.
  • Acrylic Craft Paint in colors of your choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Round Sponge
  • Black and White Craft Foam
  • Scissors & Glue


1) Paint your tissue box. Let the first coat dry and apply additional coats as needed, while allowing them to dry in between. This shows the boxes after one coat of paint. The orange took several coats of paint, while the blue only took a couple.


2) Use the circular sponge to create little dots with the paint. Dip the sponge in the paint and just press down firmly enough to create a circle. Allow for this to fully dry.


3) Cut out teeth from the sheet of white craft foam. Glue the teeth down inside of the box openings. I used a regular craft glue to do this and they held up great! Don’t worry about having perfectly cut teeth — these are monsters! They don’t need to be perfect looking (honestly, most of the DIY things I did for this party were slightly off in design on purpose because they are supposed to be monsters!).



4) Create eyes using the black and white craft foam. I traced the whites of the eyes out, using a random toy food can. Just find something around you that is the size circle you want for the eyes and use that for tracing. Again, no need for perfection here either! Glue the black circles onto the white, using regular craft glue.



5) Glue the eyes onto the back of the tissue box.


6) Fill your boxes with the utensils of your choice and you are all set!




Simple and fun! See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!




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