Friday Favorites: My Organization Inspiration

Friday Favorites: My Organization Inspiration


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites again this week!

It is no secret that I love to organize. (If you didn’t know that you should check out these posts here, here and here.) It is something that I have actually always enjoyed even since being a little girl! Okay, so for real — my mom used to let me stay up late and help her organize a closet or two once in a while, and I literally thought I was in heaven. Now, before you think I’m crazy, I will tell you that being organized has saved me so much time and effort. I am not looking for things that are lost (well, since having kids this has changed a little!), and I know that everything has a place. It also helps when I am cleaning, because picking up toys, and putting away towels all goes a little more quickly when you know where they are supposed to go! It takes effort and motivation to get and stay organized, BUT, it is so worth it.

Feeling motivated yet? Here are my favorite organization inspiration sites/places/people — check them out and I bet you will be on a mission to organize something this weekend! (Oh, and it’s garage sale season! I have seen a lot of advertised garage sales that are selling used organizational items for less — definitely something to check out!)

1) Pinterest

pinterestPinterest is genius for many reasons, but I love how inspired I am after I spend some time pinning. I know that Pinterest can be overwhelming and can even make you feel like you are so behind and stressed out, but, I think if you use it the correct way, it can be really, really helpful! I love to think creatively when I can, and Pinterest has been a really awesome tool for me. Feel free to follow me over there, as many of my pins involve organization, but search around and I know you will find some great ideas that will work for you on your organization mission!

2) Real Simple Magazine


If you want to physically read something that has great, simple organizational tips, I really highly recommend this magazine! I have been subscribed to Real Simple for a few years now, and I always get an idea or inspiration out of each issue. Not every issue is geared towards organization, like the one I showed you here, but, they all have sections with tips on organizing and even how to make use out of the simple things that you already have in your home. The magazine also offers good cleaning tips and even beauty tips, which have nothing to do with organization, but I’m a girl and still enjoy growing my lip gloss collection! Their motto is: “Life made easier.” I can get on board with that!

3) Blogs & Social Media

I have a few bloggers, as well as a few Instagram accounts that I follow, that really give me some great ideas when it comes to organization. A lot of these I stumbled on through Pinterest, and then began following their blogs and social media. Some of these bloggers are: IHeart Organizing, A Bowl Full of Lemons and Honey We’re Home. There are so many gifted people out there — I guarantee you can use at least one of their ideas, or even one of mine, to start with and then make it your own! The internet can be a really useful thing — use it!!

4) Catalogs






These are a FREE way to get inspiration! I love looking through these catalogs each time they are sent out. They give me ideas, and even if that particular company has something I can’t afford at the moment, or doesn’t quite fit the space I need it for — it still inspires me! I get endless ideas on how to organize the kids’ rooms, the playroom, our bedroom, the kitchen pantry…everything. I only end up a little envious of the completely clean and clutter-free rooms that they photograph! 😉

5) Store Browsing

Once you have exhausted your internet and magazine browsing, hit up some actual stores for ideas! My favorites are Target,  TJMaxx/Marshalls, The Container Store, Crate & Barrel and Ikea. Places like Ikea are GREAT for inspiration because they actually have rooms on display that are neat and organized. The Container Store is genius, because they pretty much have something for everything that you could ever think of that would need to be organized. Endless options. Target and TJMaxx are great because they have really cost-effective solutions for organization. Target and The Container Store also have great websites that offer more options than the actual store carries. I also like to compare almost everything to Amazon’s prices…because that’s what I do. Amazon Prime is the

I hope these are helpful tips to get you started! I have been thinking about writing some more specific organization posts — what do you think? Would you find that useful?

Happy Weekend!



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