What I Wore Wednesday & Stitch Fix Review

What I Wore Wednesday & Stitch Fix Review

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy again this week for What I Wore Wednesday!


I received my second Stitch Fix box last week and thought I’d give some feedback on my Stitch Fix styling thus far. Overall, I really do love the concept of Stitch Fix! If you haven’t heard of it, let me give you a brief summary on how the whole process works:

  • Go online to Stitch Fix and fill out a personal survey. The survey will give you example outfits to rate, and ask you lots of questions about what you like (colors, jewelry/no jewelry, patterns/prints) and about your body type (height, weight, pants size, long torso, long legs, etc.). You can even give a link to your style board on Pinterest (if you have one), and they can look at that to see what kinds of things you pin. The survey is pretty detailed, and while it won’t take a long time to fill out, I think it does a fairly good job of helping your stylist figure out what you generally like and dislike.
  • Sign up for a “fix”. You will receive five items delivered right to your doorstep. You can try on everything at home and figure out what fits, doesn’t fit, what you like and what you don’t like.
  • Figure out what to keep from your fix. There is a big advantage to keeping all five items in your box. If you do, you get 25% off of your total order. If I had kept everything in my last fix, that discount would have been like getting one of the five shirts I received, for free.
  • You go online and checkout (within three business days of receiving your items) — marking what you are keeping and what you are sending back. You rate each item based on fit and price and there is a place to leave comments on each item. All of these help your future stylist figure out what you did or didn’t like about something, and should ultimately help you receive items that you would like! You pack the things you are returning into a postage-paid bag that they provide, and just toss it in the mailbox.

So what is the cost? 

It costs $20 for a styling fee. However, this $20 is applied to any items that you keep, so as long as you like one of the things you receive, there really isn’t a “cost” for the service. Shipping and return shipping is free. Items are usually between $40-$60 each, on average. I don’t consider that to be an inexpensive price, however, the clothes seem to be of good quality, and I wanted to get outside of my normal “fashion box”, which this has done for me.

What I Like About Stitch Fix:

*Convenience: I am a mama to two little ones under the age of three, and my time is limited. I like that I can have items shipped right to me, and I can try them on in the comfort of my own home. Returning items is also so EASY.

*Change: I like that this gets me to try some new things that I wouldn’t have thought to try out myself.

*Styling Ideas: Each shipment comes with individual cards showing ideas for how to wear the items you are receiving. I like getting new ideas and it helps me decide if something will work for me, or not.

*On My Time: There isn’t a requirement to sign up for a schedule of shipments. You get to pick and choose how frequently, or infrequently, you want to receive a fix. I like that there isn’t pressure to sign up for recurring fixes!

*Customer Service: So far, they have been great with customer service. One of the sweaters I received was pilling after only a day of wear, and they speedily resolved the issue for me by offering a replacement. I was really pleased with the customer service in that particular situation.

What I Don’t Like About Stitch Fix:

*Pricing: I am a bargain shopper. I shop sales and hunt deals and so to me, $40 on a shirt is not inexpensive. However, I now do have a couple of shirts that are unique to my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have tried on elsewhere. I am somewhat unique in my pricing ideals, though — for many of you, the prices may not bother you. In both of my shipments, I had items that just did not fit. Because of this, I lost out on the 25% discount that I would have received by keeping everything. Had I received that discount, I would feel differently about the pricing.

*Trial and Error: I think it will take a few times for the stylists to get an idea of what fits you and what you like. Therefore, again, you might miss out on the 25% discount on everything. If you were face-to-face with the items, this wouldn’t be an issue. This is probably just an overall issue with online shopping! Just because you are a certain size pants, doesn’t mean the pants they send you in that size will fit — every brand is different. And by telling your stylist you have a long torso (like I did), doesn’t mean that her definition of a long-enough shirt, will be the same as yours.

Overall, I definitely think that Stitch Fix is worth checking out and giving a try. I don’t know that I would sign up for a box every month, but maybe several times a year. It can freshen up your wardrobe and give you some new ideas, and you really can’t beat the convenience. I think that the more fixes you get, the better they will be!

For my “What I Wore” post this week, my outfit features one of my Stitch Fix shirts:




Shirt: Stitch Fix

Jeans: Gap (same style, different color)

Scarf: Old Navy (in white)

Shoes: Aldo

Happy Wednesday, friends!




***I was not paid for this post, and the opinions given here are solely mine.***

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