Friday Favorites: Makeup Favorites

Friday Favorites: Makeup Favorites


I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci to share my Five Friday Favorites again this week!

(P.S. Andrea was kind enough to post about Nora’s fundraiser this week on her blog! Check it out HERE!)

I am keeping this post light today and sharing with you my five favorite makeup items! I actually had a hard time picking just five, even though I don’t wear a ton of makeup — but the five listed here would be the ones I put at the top of my list:

1) Too Faced Amazing Face Oil-Free Liquid Foundation


Of course, they are discontinuing my favorite foundation as far as I can tell since both Ulta and Sephora have stopped selling it, but nevertheless, it is my favorite so I’m sharing it with you! I had my makeup done at Sephora about a month ago, and I will be switching to Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Oil-Free Foundation, which I really like too. But, you can still grab this Too-Faced foundation on sale HERE. This foundation has awesome coverage and keeps shine away for longer than any other foundation I have tried!

2) Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer


I have been using this primer for a couple of years now, and I really love it! This little tube goes a LONG way, since you don’t need to use much of it per application. It prevents crease in your eye shadow, and it also really brings out the true color of the eye shadow that you are wearing. It also helps your eye shadow stay on longer, overall. I definitely recommend using a primer underneath your shadow to make the time you spend putting on your makeup worth it!

(I also loooooove Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless Primer for my face. It makes my foundation last a lot longer! Yes, I know, I am cheating by throwing in a sixth item to my five favorites this week — oops!)

3) Urban Decay Naked3 Eye Shadow


I just purchased this eye shadow compact  about a month ago, and I am loving the many color options! I love the shimmer in a lot of the colors and I like that I can pick a completely different color combination every single day! You can’t beat the variety for the price. And, this compact will last me for literally forever! The eye shadow stays on well (paired with the primer I use above), and the colors come out true.

4) Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara


Cover Girl has been my favorite mascara for years and years. I loved the regular Lash Blast when it came out, but now my favorite is the Lash Blast Fusion. It gives you both length and volume, and it doesn’t clump! I have tried many different mascaras, and I have always had an issue with them clumping. I have longer eye-lashes, so the length isn’t a huge issue for me, but I just really love this mascara and keep coming back to it as my favorite.

5) Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss


My favorite lip gloss is Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. It lasts long enough for me and I love so many of the color options. I also love the price point!

I hope you are having a great Friday!



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