Rainbow Birthday Party!

Rainbow Birthday Party!


I am going to take a quick break from posts on Bryan to blog about our sweet girl’s 3rd rainbow birthday party! When I was thinking about themes for her birthday party this year, I had a few ideas, but this seemed to be the easiest one and with everything else going on in our lives, I am so glad we went this route! A rainbow theme is easy to pull off for either a girl or a boy and you can make it as simple or as complex as you want! (This was definitely a more simply decorated party that Gavyn’s Monster Birthday!)

I loved the brightness of all the different colors and Madalyn had fun with the rainbow of colors, too. You could throw in different shades of primary colors or even throw in some pink to make it a little more girly, if you want. There are lots of options!











Birthday Cake: Costco (Seriously, their prices can not be beat. And if you have a theme that fits the options they give you for decorating, go with it!)

Rainbow Balloon Garland: DIY (I followed the tutorial on Design Mom, and used this waxed cording from Amazon, and instead of sewing the balloons to the string, I just twisted them together in clusters of four. I then just twisted them around the cord and hung the garland. No sewing needed — super, super easy and fast to put together.)




Balloons: Target & Party City

Plates & Napkins: Walmart – just solid primary colors and mixed together for display; cocktail napkins; luncheon napkins

Candy: Rainbow Twizzlers, M&M’s (we sorted these ourselves), Skittles, Rainbow Suckers, Pixie Sticks

Water Bottle Labels: Chickabug

Party Favor Bags: Amazon

Rainbow Party Favors: Notepads, Pencils, Beach Balls, Sunglasses, Mini Flying Discs

Rainbow Tutu: Etsy

Rainbow Necklace: Homemade

Happy party planning!




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