Alright, guys. I have been sitting on this “idea” for a while, but not anymore. It’s time to give this a go!

I have been making Madalyn bubblegum necklaces for several months, and I have really enjoyed the process and resulting pieces. (Below are a few of the necklaces I have already made.)





And, of course, I have to post a picture of my cutest model wearing one of her favorite ones:


I have thought many times that I should try making some necklaces, and selling them. Seemed like a logical idea to me!  But, there was something missing from that equation for me. Yes, I really enjoy making the necklaces. Yes, I love picking out the beads and styling them into the necklace. And yes, I think we can all agree, it would be nice to be able to earn something from selling these necklaces to family and friends. The part that was missing for me, is that I wanted to help someone in the process. I don’t just want a ‘business’ that benefits me. I really want to help someone else that needs it.

I am so beyond blessed. Even while Bryan has been going through this trying time, I feel so blessed, and I am so thankful that I have all of my needs more than met. There are people everywhere that need help, but when I attended the Influence Conference last month, God pulled at my heart and seemed to point me in the direction of the charity that the Conference was highlighting: Shama Women.

“Shama Women helps women living marginalized lives in South Asia find their identity and purpose through vocational and spiritual training. We work to equip, encourage and engage women both in South Asia and The United States with the desire to see lives of all involved radically changed. Shama Women is a cooperative effort of a well established church and charity registered in South Asia that has operated a vocational and theological training school which has trained more than 400 women over the past 10 years and The Cross Connecting Network, a USA based non-profit organization.”

We watched a video at the Conference of a woman sharing her experience in this country–I was speechless after watching it. The women in this country do not have freedom. They do not have opportunities like we do. They can’t drive cars, or go to the grocery store alone. Can you imagine living this kind of life? Their very lives are at risk each moment. What’s amazing is that Shama Women is helping these women learn sewing and cosmetology skills so that they are employed, and can earn a living from something other than prostitution or being forced to marry a man of a faith that they do not agree with. These women are able to hear about Jesus, and what He has done for them, and their lives can be completely changed. I can not fathom what life like this would be like, but I do know that I can help.

So, here’s the deal. I have made some necklaces, and I am going to list them for sale on my personal Facebook page, for the moment. Here are a few of the ones that are available:




As things progress, I will determine the best method of selling these–so for the time being, if you are not connected to my personal Facebook page, you can email me at: A portion of the proceeds from every necklace I sell, will be donated to Shama Women.

My hands are ‘free’ and I can use them to help these women who do not have the same freedom. I can help give them the opportunity to hear about a God who loves them, knows them by name, and wants to welcome them into His arms just as I run into those same arms so frequently myself.

Quick Necklace FAQ’s:

*What age are the intended ages for these necklaces? These will fit baby through about grade school age. There is an extender on each necklace, so the length can be easily adjusted. (Note: Beads are a choking hazard, and like all other jewelry, necklaces may break if mistreated. Do not leave young children unattended wearing the necklaces.)

*Can the necklaces be shipped? I would be happy to ship the necklaces; buyer will pay the cost of shipping. Payment will be accepted via Paypal. Local friends, we can figure out a way for you to pickup your necklaces.

*I love the idea of creating custom necklaces — the options are really endless! Think birthday parties, Christmas, favorite Disney princesses, etc.

Feel free to email me with any other questions or inquiries!



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