Book Review: Wild and Free

Book Review: Wild and Free


I love to read, and have not made reading a priority since having kids. Well, kids and Netflix…the two things that keep me distracted. It’s so sad! In an effort to keep myself reading, and because I can’t help but share when I read something good, I am going to review a few books on my blog. The first book that I wanted to talk about today, is the book “Wild and Free” by Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan.

I was honored to be on the launch team for this book, and I truly can not say enough good things about the authors. Both Jess and Hayley founded the Influence Network (which, by the way, I highly recommend joining if you haven’t already!), and I have been able to receive both encouragement and wise teaching from them both. This book is really one of the best I have read, and I think that every woman should read it, no matter where you are at in life. This isn’t just a book for young adults or teens, it is a book for women of all ages.

Jess and Hayley alternate chapters throughout the book, and then each of them gives their own perspective at the end of the other’s chapter. Both of the authors have different personalities and different perspectives, which makes this book super unique, but it also flows really smoothly. The only reason I didn’t read the entire book in a few days is because I was trying to take in all that I felt God was trying to teach me through it! This book is “a hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough.” The book will remind you to live for a God who loves you and wants you to feel free, to feel unchained, and to hold nothing back. In case you aren’t already intrigued, check out some of the highlights from the book:

Book Highlights:

  • “We mean the world to Him–not because we’re good or we’ve earned it, but because we are His treasure, the apple of His eye, the daughters He is coming back for. He has never seen us as a tool. We have always been the prize worth fighting for.” Jess Connolly
  • “Because we never need to be afraid of failure–not when God’s grace will always be there to break our fall.” Hayley Morgan
  • “When our eyes are on God and His goodness, we can rightly worship. When our eyes are on ourselves, we see only our own insufficiencies. Because God is the essence of good, He is incapable of creating anything but good. With God, there are no castoffs. There are also no favorites. There are only masterpieces–every single time.” Jess Connolly
  • “You can love with abandon because your hope isn’t in being loved back. You can hope in really big ways because God is a really big God.” Hayley Morgan

The book will not only encourage you, but it will give you helpful guidelines for what it looks like to be a wild and free woman of God. You will learn that you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to do everything for everyone. You can be loud and not worried about what anyone else thinks. God created you in His image, and has set you free. Gosh, there is something profoundly relieving when you realize the God of the universe set you completely free and continues to love you unconditionally. The world doesn’t revolve around what I do or don’t do; rather we exist to worship our God and point everyone right back to Him.

In case you are interested in learning more about the authors, they both have websites & blogs that can be found here:

And, the book can be purchased on Amazon, here. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with this book — you’ll want to pass it on to all the women in your life. Oh, and P.S. No one paid me anything to say nice things about this book! I truly loved it, and want y’all to read it and feel the freedom that radiates through the pages! Happy Tuesday! 🙂




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