Simply Home: Madalyn’s Room

Simply Home: Madalyn’s Room


Happy Monday, friends! I haven’t updated on our home lately on the blog, so I thought I would do that today — and I am starting with Miss Madalyn’s room. The last I left you with her room, she was transitioning to her toddler bed. Well, since then, we converted her bed to the full-size version and she loves it! Her room is actually probably my favorite bedroom in our house. It is girly and pink, but not so much that it’s sickening. I had fun throwing in accents of aqua and mint to match her walls which were painted mint green. Painting is one of my least favorite jobs, and we didn’t feel like repainting her room when we re-organized and decorated, so I found things to tie in with the wall color and it all worked out pretty well!

One of things that I like best about Maddy’s room is that a couple of frames hold some purposeful, encouraging words. I never want Madalyn to doubt how much she is loved and who loves her. I am hopeful that these purposeful touches in her room will be a constant reminder to her, always!

(I will do my best to provide the links for the things in her room that I can, but feel free to comment with any other questions!)














Furniture: Buy Buy Baby

Comforter Set: Bed Bath & Beyond (This is such a good deal as it includes a bedskirt, pillow shams and a set of sheets!)

Blue Fuzzy Pillow: Target

“You Are So Loved” Print: Lara Casey Shop & Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby  (They sell an 8×10 version to match the print in the store, but not online.)

Owl Bookends: Pottery Barn Kids

Goodnight/Sleep Tight Signs: Hobby Lobby

Pink Ruffle Hanging Lanterns: My Own DIY

Curtains: Target

KidKraft Austin Toy Box: (They no longer sell it on their site. I found it on Amazon, but also check places like Target — they carry several of the colors! We researched a few different toy boxes before purchasing one, and we love this one! Both Madalyn and Gavyn each have one for all of their stuffed animals and we are really happy with the quality for the price. The lid also doesn’t slam down, which has come in handy!)

KidKraft Toy Box Cushion: Amazon

Aqua Wall Picture Frames: Hobby Lobby

“The World is Super Lucky to Have You” Sign & Frame: Hobby Lobby

Princess Growth Chart: Hobby Lobby

From everything to the comforter and the little toy box, I hope that Maddy continues to love her own little space!

On another note, this week is going to be a quiet one for me in the blogging atmosphere — our little (or I guess, not-so-little!) Gavyn turns one this week and we have a party to plan and get ready for, as well as just some extra family time planned! I will have posts on his party and be right back at it, next week!



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Hanging a Wreath with Ribbon

Hanging a Wreath with Ribbon

To finish up my posts on my DIY Spring Yarn Wreath, I wanted to show you quickly how I made a simple bow and hung my wreath with ribbon. I wanted to add an extra touch to the wreath, and this was an inexpensive and simple way to do it!

(Note: I am attaching my wreath to just a regular, over-the-door wreath hanger. If you are doing something different, you may need to modify the first two steps below to fit your wreath hanger.)

Supplies Needed:

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Thread or floss to match your ribbon


1) Make a loop of ribbon around the wreath. Hot glue the ends together to hold the ribbon together in place.

2) Make another loop going the opposite direction, around the first loop that you made. Seal the ends together with glue again.

3) Cut two strips of ribbon about 24-25 inches long. (You can make them longer if you want a bigger bow, this is just what worked best for me for the size wreath I was hanging.)

4) Make two loops with one of the ribbon strips you just cut.

5) Do the same thing with the second strip of ribbon, so you have two identical “bows.”

6) Place the bows on top of each other.

7) Squeeze the middle together tightly and wrap together with thread/floss.

8) Cut two more strips of ribbon about 6 inches long.

9) Glue the two strips to the back of the ribbon. This doesn’t have to look pretty since no one will see it!

10) Cut one more small piece of ribbon to cover up the center portion where the thread/floss is holding the bows together. Glue this over the middle.

That’s it! Easy! You can cut little triangles out of the bottom of the ribbon tails if you want (I did on mine).

Hang your wreath and you are all set…maybe if we all put up some of our spring decor the weather might cooperate?! Here’s hoping!




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Spring Mantel: Inspiration

Spring Mantel: Inspiration


The weather this week has been AMAZing! It is really starting to feel like spring. Don’t worry — I am not in denial of the fact that the snow could still yet fly this month, but I am going to pretend like it won’t. At least when it comes to getting the house ready for spring!


I just put the finishing touches on our living room fireplace mantel for the spring season, and wanted to share my ideas with you! I changed up my pink painted mason jars that were on display for Valentine’s Day and painted some new ones for spring. These mason jars are a simple DIY — check out my tutorial here!


The lantern, the grass and the letter “J” were all TJMaxx finds. They have some really cute stuff out for spring!


The prints are from Naptime Diaries, and the frames, are from Hobby Lobby. I love the song “10,000 Reasons” and almost every time I see the “Bless the Lord” print, I want to start singing it! The “Be Still” print has a special place in my heart because my dedication verse is Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” I love that simple, yet strong, reminder. The mason jars were a DIY and the flowers are from the Dollar Tree.





I am loving the blue and green hues together for spring — add some mint and blue pillows to your couch, and you are all set! I keep seeing all of these amazing mantels on Pinterest and I have fun coming up with ways to do similar things, make it work with the colors I want, and ultimately spend less time and money. Our spring mantel is simple, easy and inexpensive, which is exactly how I like to roll.




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Simply My Favorite Vase

Simply My Favorite Vase

Simply My Favorite Vase

Do you ever purchase something and end up using it more than you thought possible? I feel like more often than not, I buy something and really don’t get good use out of it. So, I wanted to share something that I love and have already used a ton! 


I saw this Taylor Hurricane at Crate and Barrel in the fall of last year, and I loved it right away because of its price and simplicity. There are endless ways you can use this vase to decorate! I used three of them for our Christmas centerpiece on our kitchen table, but then used one for Valentine’s and also repurposed it yet again for Easter.

I filled each hurricane with a red flameless LED candle and mini ornaments from Target. I wrapped some garland (found at Hobby Lobby) around the three jars to tie it all together.

For Valentine’s Day, I used the same candle and added little heart ornaments (from Hobby Lobby).

And for Easter? Simple as little plastic eggs for a filler! It adds some nice color to the table and seems slightly more “sophisticated” than a basket.

I love the simplicity of this vase and already anticipate many more uses as the seasons of decorating change!

Fall is Here!

Fall is Here!


I am happy to report that our basement playroom is DONE. I have pictures and am already working on that post! Yay!

In the meantime, I promised some fall decor pictures! I love Fall, and it is by far my favorite season. I love hoodies, sweatpants, apple cider, warm fires and the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves. It can not be beat! I am a diehard Christmas fan (like, seriously, I am already counting down the weekends until Christmas and I may have turned on a Christmas song or two the other day…), but I don’t really get into Halloween much. Halloween is one of those holidays that I have never really been at peace with as a Christian, but, I do enjoy the general Fall and non-gorey, non-scary Halloween decor.

I’m hoping some of these simple ideas might inspire you! I didn’t spend much on any of our decorations and with the exception of a few Halloween things that I put up after taking most of these photos, these items will remain displayed in our home until we decorate for Christmas (which is another reason I stay away from a lot of the Halloween specific decorations.)

I get asked a lot where I find a lot of our seasonal decor, and decor in general. My favorite places to shop right now are Crate & Barrel and Hobby Lobby. Both are reasonably priced (depending on what you are looking for), and they offer more of a classic style. I am not really into trendy things that go out of style, because I try to find things that will last for a bit. I am an accountant, and by nature, try to watch spending and be realistic when it comes to buying decorations. One “trend” that I do love is the use of flameless candles. I love that they are safe around kids and pets, they can be put anywhere without starting a fire (note, against plastic leaves) and they still honestly look real to me. I actually saw some at Pottery Barn the other day that have a real looking flame! They are pricier which is why I’ve purchased mine from Crate & Barrel instead, but they look SO real. I have included links to some of the items pictured below that I know are still for sale, so I hope that helps you out.

Happy decorating!



*Leaves: Hobby Lobby; Tealight holder: Crate & Barrel; Flameless Tealights: Crate & Barrel


*Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby


*Stuffed Pumpkin: TJMaxx


*Pumpkin: Crate & Barrel; Candle Holders: Ikea; Flameless Pillar Candles: Crate & Barrel



*Owl: World Market


*Bowl: Crate & Barrel; Pinecone Assortment: Hobby Lobby




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Home: Living Room

Home: Living Room

Home: Living Room

As I was getting out our fall decorations today, (Yes, I know, maybe a little early, but you know what? School has started and I see a high of 64 degrees in the forecast in the next ten days, so I’m getting ready.) and I realized that I have never blogged about our living room. Our living room is the most used room in our house, and it’s the one that I’ve never quite been able to settle on how to decorate! I think we are on our fourth try with throw pillows, but these ones are the keepers.

Here is what our living room looked like the first year we lived in our home:




At lot has changed in three years. We now have painted, new furniture and new decoration. We still do have those couches, but they are in our basement living area now instead. (Note: Speaking of basements, we are doing some lighting changes this weekend and then I will have a post soon about the new play area in the basement! Can’t wait to share it with you.)

Here is our living room now:



Big difference!

Couch: Crate & Barrel — We LOVE this couch. It has withstood life with two newborns so far and it’s so comfy. Awesome quality, too!

Pillows: Crate & Barrel (They don’t have the color we purchased in stock any longer.)




Tea Lights: Ikea

Picture Frames: Ikea — High Gloss/Gray

Large Candles & Holder: Ikea


Curtains: Pottery Barn — Ivory

Curtain Rod: Pottery Barn

Yes, Pottery Barn drapes were pricey, but for the quality, we absolutely love them. I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat.



Family Frame: Hobby Lobby



These prints are one of my favorite things about this room. They are a constant Scriptural reminder for me, and I love that.

Frames: Michael’s

Prints: Naptime Diaries


Glass Bowl: Crate & Barrel

Bowl Filler: Hobby Lobby


Clock: Hobby Lobby

I love that everything ties together with the blue and cream accents and it gives the room a really warm feeling. I took some pictures of our fall decor that is out now too, and hope to share that soon if you are looking for some ideas!

Happy September!



Gavyn’s Nursery

Gavyn’s Nursery

This handsome little guy has been around for two and a half months and so I figured it was time to finally reveal his finished nursery! We were able to put most of his room together before he was born, but we had a few finishing touches to add after he was born, such as pictures from his newborn session into frames. (P.S. Our wonderful newborn photographer was Lindsay from CarrStudios — check her out here!)

Ready to see Gavyn’s nursery? I will post details for some of the items in his room, but if there is something you have a question about, leave a comment and I can get back to you!



















Curtains: These were the starting point for our color theme and I LOVE them. They are blackout panels from Pottery Barn Kids. Pricey, yes. Worth it, YES. We have other Pottery Barn curtains in our home and I have been super impressed by the look and the quality.

Crib Sheets: Circo brand, from Target. I bought Madalyn a bed set and never used all of it. This time around, I bought several fitted sheets that matched the colors of his room.

Lamp: Room Essentials brand, from Target. Such a good deal. They have these in the store but they have tons more color options online, too.

Pottery Tile: We had the tile with Gavyn’s footprints made at Glaze Pottery. They make these tiles for you for FREE for your newborn! We had one made for Madalyn, and now have one that matches for Gavyn. I’m hoping to hang them up in our home somewhere once they are no longer displayed in their rooms.

Canvas Photos: I purchased these prints electronically from Etsy, and had them printed onto canvases.

Growth Chart. Also from Pottery Barn Kids. We did not personalize it because we didn’t have a name picked out yet! But I love that you can clip pictures to it and change them out as you want. This particular growth chart is also currently on sale! 🙂

Letter “G”: I purchased the letter from Hobby Lobby on super clearance, but it wasn’t quite the right color. We spray painted it navy to match his room and spent less than $15.00 on the whole thing, which considering its size, was a great deal!

Hat Hooks: Another clearance find from Hobby Lobby at only $4.99!

Picture Frames: A mix from Hobby Lobby and TJMaxx.

Hamper: Sprouts hamper from Amazon. I LOVE this hamper. It’s lightweight, and the handles open up so you can easily carry it to and from the laundry room. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased the swan one for Maddy’s room! They have a few cute animals to choose from, so hopefully there’s one to match what you are looking for.

Our little Gavyn has a cozy, cute nursery and we love how it turned out! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far…I know we are! 🙂




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Kids’ Bathroom: Re-do!

Kids’ Bathroom: Re-do!

Oh my gosh. I have been an AWFUL blogger. I haven’t blogged for a month! I promise that I am still here and working on things, but we have been so busy getting ready for Baby J #2 that I haven’t taken the time to let you all know what we have been up to around here! I do have plans to reveal the Baby’s room in a blog post, but we are still putting some finishing touches on it, so you will have to stay tuned for that.

Our little girl, Madalyn, will soon be joined by a little brother…this means that her pink, owl-themed bathroom had to be changed up a bit! One of the projects we finished a while ago was re-doing the bathroom that will be shared by Maddy and Baby, so that it was more gender-neutral. I should note that this bathroom is also our main guest bathroom, so while I wanted it to have a youthful vibe, I also wanted to make sure it was modern enough not to be seen as just a “kid’s bathroom.”  You’ll have to let me know if you agree, but I think we were able to achieve that goal!

I’ll blame it on my pregnancy brain, but I did not take any “before” pictures of the bathroom! Oops. However, I did look back through my pictures, and I have two pictures that I took shortly after we moved in, and those will work. Really the only difference is that the shower curtain had owls, and the picture on the wall was an owl, instead of what is shown here. I think you will get the idea!

So, nothing special. A clean, un-painted, simple bathroom. Until…

We now have a youthful bathroom, that will work great for both boys and girls!

Bathroom Details:

Wall Canvas Prints: I purchased the prints from an Etsy shop. (Note: The link to the prints here, are NOT the prints I ordered. She no longer has them for sale in her shop. I ordered a printable version of similar prints, for $12.00. I then ordered the prints on canvases to hang on the wall.) These prints were my starting point for the bathroom — I built the rest of the room after purchasing these.

Shower Curtain: I purchased the shower curtain from Target. I love how perfectly the shower curtain matches the prints, and I also love that it can be thrown in the washing machine when necessary. (The towels and rug in the bathroom were also purchased from Target.)

Shower Curtain Rings: These were a clearance find at Target (yes!) and only cost me $1.44. Unfortunately, they were on clearance because they are no longer being sold at the store, so I can’t point you in the right direction for those. But, Target never fails to have lots of affordable, cute options, clearance or not.

Picture Frames and Hooks: The picture frames were purchased at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off, so each one was $9.99. The pictures were self-taken (well, minus the ultrasound one :)), and then printed in black and white. The idea is that both Madalyn and Baby will have a marked spot to hang their towels on. We did three hooks and frames because odd numbers tend to look better on the wall – no third child in the plans right now! The wall hooks are from Land of Nod. They are sturdy and cute, and they hold the towels perfectly. The hooks come in lots of fun colors, so check them out!

Drawer Organization: Ever since we re-organized our master bathroom, I had been wanting to organize the drawers in this bathroom as well. I found vanity organizers at Target that fit the drawers perfectly. They aren’t available online, but if you are interested, they are the “Merrick” brand, and they come in various sizes to fit a wide variety of drawers. Both Maddy and the baby each have a drawer and these dividers keep everything from sliding around since they are the perfect fit.

Linen Closet Organization: We didn’t really have a system for organization in the linen closet. I decided to go with my all-time favorite storage — Y-Weave Baskets from Target. These baskets came in the perfect color for the bathroom and they are SO versatile. We have everything from medicine, to wash cloths, to lotions all neatly stored inside. We have these baskets in our garage and in our playroom, and I love how easy they are to wipe out and clean! I should have bought some stock in these bins for the amount we have purchased!

I also have one tucked under the cabinet in the bathroom to hold the things we use most frequently.

Paint: The paint in the bathroom is from Home Depot, and is Behr paint with a Benjamin Moore color match – “Marina Gray”. We liked that this gray wasn’t too dark for the smaller room, but it still adds quite a bit of depth.

I thought Maddy would miss her owl-themed bathroom, but she really hasn’t minded one bit. The amount of change she has dealt with over the past few months is impressive! She is definitely going to make a wonderful big sister!

Now I just have to hope that my blogging can keep up with the rest of my nesting-urges! Happy Tuesday!



Madalyn’s Big Girl Room

Madalyn’s Big Girl Room

I can not count on two hands the number of projects we have been working on over here as we are getting our home ready and organized for Baby #2! I have been on a cleaning and organizing rampage (just ask my husband), and I am so glad that projects are finally on their way to being finished!

One of the most exciting things we have been working on is turning Maddy’s nursery into a “big girl” room. Baby Boy is going to be using Madalyn’s crib and dresser, so we purchased new furniture for Madalyn. It has been so fun to see how she is transitioning from being the baby, to being Miss Older Sister. She has dealt SO well with the change, it amazes me! For a girl who really loves her routine, she has taken everything with stride and we are so proud of her.

We were preparing ourselves for the worst when we moved her into her toddler bed the first evening. We tucked her in and left the room and then peeled our eyes to her video monitor! She was adventurous and wandered out down the hallway, but I walked her back to her room explaining that she needs to stay in her bed…and that was that! In fact, she rarely even gets out of her bed before we open her door to come and get her after nap and sleep. I am so thankful, because I am LOVING sleep right now and was dreading the idea of losing sleep while she adjusted. Hooray!

I took some pictures of her furniture and room for you all, just for fun! There isn’t really anything elaborate going on in terms of organizing here since I spent a good amount of time doing that not that long ago (check out that post here if you are interested!).


(Furniture by Munire, purchased at BuyBuyBaby.)


(Toddler bedding by Circo, purchased at



(Toy chest by KidKraft. Rug from


(Hair bow holder from Hobby Lobby. Photo canvases created by me. Center canvas from Hobby Lobby.)


(Canvas from Hobby Lobby. Ruffled lanterns crafted by me.)


(Owl bookends from

And have I mentioned that Maddy has the best view in the house? Look at the beautiful snow blowing around right outside her window!


As we say goodbye to Madalyn’s nursery, I can’t help but be a bit emotional (let’s blame some of that on these pregnancy hormones). But, we are so blessed to be welcoming another little babe into our home and I also can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. God is so good!




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Simple Idea: Picture Frame Collage

Simple Idea: Picture Frame Collage

Well, I have not been on top of this blogging thing the last couple weeks. Oops. I’ll blame it on the holidays! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and the whole month in between them!

I wanted to wrap up my posts on our master bedroom changes and I have two simple things left to share with you in this post! As I mentioned in my first post, I was focused on making our bedroom “our place.” Our home is filled with pictures of our family and of course, Madalyn but I wanted to put together some pictures of just us for our room. Here is what I came up with:


I used pictures from our maternity session with Emily, of Ebeling Art Studio, as well as some lovely photos by Lindsay, of CARRstudios. This wall was otherwise empty.


Note: The bench and pillow are from Target, the blanket and the picture frames are from Ikea.


Another final touch to our bedroom had nothing to do with personalizing it, but I love this cabinet way too much not to share! We needed a place hold our DVD player and cable box, but couldn’t find something to match the color of our furniture. I found this instead:


Another find from Target! I love the color it adds to the room! (This cabinet does come in several other colors if you love it as much as I do, but perhaps yellow isn’t what you are looking for.)

All in all, here a few pictures of everything finished:



All the things we did were simple touches that added a lot to the room! Word of advice — not everything has to be a project! We used our same bedroom furniture, comforter and didn’t re-paint anything, and I still think the room looks a lot different. If you have a project you want to start, but don’t know how, try to keep your ideas as simple as possible — you will be less stressed and just as happy with the results! 🙂




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